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I wonder if you could help me. I'm trying to calculate the eigenvalues of a complicated 3x3 matrix in Maple, but I'm not very familiar with Maple syntax. The answer maple has provided me with is in the form,

(&*(sin(pi*q/P),P/T,3x3 matrix))

How do I interpret this result? The eigenvalues are scalars.

Thanks for your help,






I have this system of lienar equations:


for my mechanical engineering studies we have to optimize an engine during a workshop. Therefore we have to use a numerical dsolve to solve the equation of motion. I have to get the maximum bearing reaction for a constant rpm. In order to get this I can't think of anything else but use the dsolve solution and use it in maximize.


ysk_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp*cos(alpha(t))-lkb-y(t);
ysp_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp2*cos(alpha(t))-y(t);

what is the maple coding for the function, f(t)=-1-(epsilon)v(t) with the initial condition v(0)=1 for the 10 term?

i had did it but i don't know how to come up with the expansion series in the maple coding

I have the following problem with the commands "Infinitesimals" and "InvariantSolutions". After using them to a system of firsst-order PDE's, the following message appears:


 Error, (in table["k"]) expected a request of prolongation w.r.t one of 2 independent variables; received a request w.r.t the (inexistent) 4th one

Does anybody know, what this message means ? I am a beginner with the commands "Infinitesimals" and "InvariantSolutions"...

Dear All,

I am trying to find the exact amplitude and phase angle for the signal, with values attached using MATLAB.  BUT the phase angles doesn't make sense.  Can you guys help me in doing the FFT of the signal and find the amplitude and phase using MAPLE.   I am interested in,  fundamental component, 5th , 7th , 11th, 13th 15th, 17th and 19th harmonics with their phases.

I shall be very thankful if anyone of you can actually solve the problem.


Is there a way of importing data in NetCDF format into Maple 15? This format is very widely used in atmospheric sciences as a data standard for experimental data such as satellite-derived data.



I'm running a 2D parameter sweep from Maple 15 on a MapleSim 5 model. The output is stored in a 2D matrix.  I've encountered two problems:

1) when I graph it with matrixplot the z-axis values are fine but I can't figure out how to change the x-axis and y-axis values from the matrix indices to the actual values of the swept parameters. 

2) When the parameter sweep begins I get a warning about storing the values in a matrix.  Maple...


I have an inverse kinematics model for a double inverted pendulum. There are multiple solutions for each joint angles due to symmetry and I have to choose the appropriate ones. I thought I can use the previous choices and compare them with the current multiple solutions, so I could choose the ones which are closer to the previous ones. However, since the double inverted pendulum moves in in both region at the equilibrium, this aproach does not work. Could you advise...

When I execute several times my maple code the program completely freezes, even though in the beginning of the code teh command "restart" is inserted. I work with matrices, perform integrations and derivations for their components and calculate eigenvalue problems. The freeze happens at no particulat block of execution.


Any thoughts?

I am trying to solve the following bvp:


Eq[1] := diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 3))+3*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))-2*(diff(f(eta), eta))^2+theta(eta)

Eq[2] := diff(theta(eta), `$`(eta, 2))+3*Pr*f(eta)*(diff(theta(eta), eta))

Eq[3] := diff(phi(eta), `$`(eta, 2))+3*Sc*f(eta)*(diff(phi(eta), eta))-kappa*Sc*(phi(eta)*(diff(theta(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))+(diff(theta(eta), eta))*(diff(phi(eta), eta)))

BCs := [f(0), (D(f))(0), ((D@@2)(f)...

I wish to use the 'Numeric Formatting' feature on some results in Maple, to show the correct significant figures in the results. But when I apply Numeric Formatting to any result, the decimal seperator changes from the usual dot (.) to a comma (,). How can I keep the dot as decimal seperator while applying the correct significant figures?



I installed Maple 15 for windows 64 bit on my pc but I have a problem with worksheet in its.

Worksheet isnt on my software.



Hello, I cannot import a 4 Mb file   (!112&parid=8FC13B21D305C1B2!107&authkey=!AMlLjsY6PHKn5AQ)

(that is a symbolic expression I'd wish to manipulate) taken as a single element of a list  by  a:=ImportVector("dinner.txt", datatype = anything);

kernel says it cannot interpret file.

Is there a limit in the input file dimension ?

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