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restart; with(PDEtools);
U := diff_table(Psi(`ψ_2`, `ψ_1`));
pde := `ψ_2`*(diff(Psi(`ψ_2`, `ψ_1`), `ψ_1`))+`ψ_1`*U[`ψ_1`]+2*U[] = 0;
ψ_2 Psi(ψ_2 + 1, ψ_1)

   + ψ_1 Psi(ψ_2 + 1, ψ_1) + 2 Psi(ψ_2, ψ_1) = 

Error, (in pdsolve/info) first argument is not a differential equation

How can i solve it?

how do i solve a system of PDE's with variable coeffiecients in Maple?

Hi everyone

I have a problem with differentiating an equation. I have the following code:

(sum((x(i)-M)^3, i = 1 .. n))/(n*((sum((x(i)-M)^2, i = 1 .. n))/(n-1))^(3/2));

The values of x(i) is available in Excel and I want to import that. For this case, I copy the column and paste in maple and it seems work fine. But, I want to calculate the differentiate of the summation with respect to x(i) and M and find the answer. I don't know how to write the code appropriately.

In other words, how could I differetiate the following function with respect to x(i) and put the values from excel into it.

(sum((x(i)-M)^3, i = 1 .. n))/(n*((sum((x(i)-M)^2, i = 1 .. n))/(n-1))^(3/2));


Thank you so much for your kind attentions  in advance


I'm trying to create the set of monomials in n variables (given as a list var), up to a given degree d. Her eis my code. Any comments to make it better?

local n, mon, moni, i, j, m1, m;

   for i to d do
        for m1 in moni do
             moni:=moni minus {m1};
             for j to n do
                 moni:=moni union {m};
        mon:=mon union moni;


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Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

Hello. I have a question on plotting discrete time plot. When I try to plot the equation below I get an error. Can't figure out where is the problem. If for example I choose for vector A () there is no error. I would appreciate your help.


Error, invalid input: DynamicSystems:-DiscretePlot expects its 2nd argument, v2, to be of type {realcons, list(extended_numeric), ('Vector')(extended_numeric)}, but received Vector(4, {(1) = 1+sin(1), (2) = 1+sin(2), (3) = 1+sin(3), (4) = 1+sin(4)})



Hello everyone,

I am trying to solve a differential equation using dsolve command for laplace transform.

In Equation 2, a is a constant and x(t), b(t), u(t) are functions.

What is the "_U1" in the output (4)? Is it because I have defined x(t), b(t), u(t) as functions?

Thank you in advance!

Good book to start studying maple for engineering.



restart; with(plots)

Australopithecus := [[75, 25], [97, 30], [93, 40], [93, 45], [83, 50], [80, 55], [79, 60], [81, 73], [74, 76], [68, 81], [60, 82], [50, 83], [40, 80], [30, 71], [25, 60], [24, 50], [25, 37], [15, 33], [10, 30], [45, 10], [55, 16], [65, 10], [80, 8], [93, 14], [96, 24]]:

man := [[95, 39], [113, 40], [111, 47], [118, 53], [113, 62], [109, 72], [112, 88], [112, 95], [107, 112], [99, 117], [85, 122], [72, 122], [49, 117], [36, 104], [31, 78], [39, 52], [43, 43], [44, 34], [39, 16], [73, 3], [81, 17], [98, 14], [105, 17], [104, 26], [111, 33]]:

morph := proc (poly1, poly2, t) if nops(poly1) <> nops(poly2) then ERROR("mensaje.") end if; [seq([(1-t)*op(1, op(k, poly1))+t*op(1, op(k, poly2)), (1-t)*op(2, op(k, poly1))+t*op(2, op(k, poly2))], k = 1 .. nops(poly1))] end proc:

display([seq(polygonplot(morph(Australopithecus, man, (1/20)*k), scaling = constrained), k = 0 .. 19)], insequence = true, axes = none);





Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple


I am so happy that this is my first time to ask a quension here.

Like the graph pasted down, i can get a graph of a ode with the odeplot in time domain.

Furthermore, i just want to get a envelope plot based on the time domain graph, just like showed in

the example graph here,

i have no way to plot it in maple,

Does anyone know a method to plot it in maple? 

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to define a short hand notation for sine and cosine functions and make the output expressed in terms of the defined notation?

For example the matrix below uses c1 instead of cos(theta1) and s2 instead of sin(theta2).

The reason I want to do this is that I am dealing with really long matrices and I need some sort of way to minimize the expressions.

Thank you!


I am new to maple. how do i segregate different term in long PDE in maple

The development of the calculation of moments using force vectors is clearly observed by taking a point and also a line. Different exercises are solved with the help of Maple syntax. We can also visualize the vector behavior in the different configurations of the position vector. Applications designed exclusively for engineering students. In Spanish.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple

I've compiled a program with Maple 18. unfortunately it gives me the message "Large sortie de plus de 1000000 noeuds". If any one have any idea to resolve this problem. Thanks you very mutch for your support. 

I tried to solve 4 simultaneous equations but the result is an empty matrix.

Is that because there is no solution or did I make something wrong?

You can download the file by using the link below.

I want to highlight the intersection between 2 graphs; pp(m,a) and the plane m=-0.2

PP := .8707945038*exp(-50.00000000*(m-0.842e-1)^2+(2.745342070*(m-0.842e-1))*(a-2.3722)-.1046792095*(a-2.3722)^2)

How can I do that?

Thank you

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