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Please help me. I Have to solve some equations with Adomian Decomposition Method in Maple. But i don't know it.

I just know AGM, HPM and Perturbation Method in Maple.

please send me instructions and codes.

I'm sorry, I can't speak English well. I hope you understand what I mean.

thank you

hello , there , i want ask a Question ,

i have a vector result n hier , and there is a long part with ^1/2 (like unter) , which is not defined before , just from compute ,i want to replace this part with A, and have tried to use subs , but it didnt work . 

And i have tried to define it before compute, and then use subs , aber it also didnt work .

so how can i replace or define this part in the result?



I need find CPU time for a set of mathematical calculations,  what is the best method in maple 18?

Hey any one can help? I calculated the characteristical Polynom of my Matrix M:


now I want to solve the second part of the polynomial with lambda^9 but maple gives me the RootOf-function


How can I simplify this expression to solve over lambda.

purpose is to plot all the eigenvalues.


Thank you in advance.


Why does the following work as expected...

f__c := proc (x__0, y__0) options operator, arrow; piecewise(x__0^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and x__0^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1, 1, not (x__0^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and x__0^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1), 0) end proc

But the following does not?

cnd := x__0^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+y__0^2 <= 1 and x__0^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1 and (x__0-1)^2+(y__0-1)^2 <= 1
f__c := proc (x__0, y__0) options operator, arrow; piecewise(cnd, 1, not cnd, 0) end proc

(Sorry about the lack of formatting, the forum insists my Maple syntax is invalid)

The first one produces the expected result, x__0 and y__0 are treated as variables in the condition (i.e. f__c(a, b) returns the same piecewise function with x__0 replaced with a and y__0 replaced with b); the second one does not (i.e. f__c(a, b) returns the piecewise function, still with x__0 and y__0 in the condition, and never gets evaluated).

how can filter data im maple 18 befor used in draw plot? i need simple example

this is plot of f(x)=x(by used maple18) ,how can me change (2.5-, 1.5- ,0.5-) in x-axis to true?

how to download  wkptest from and install on maple?

write a maple script to find whether the given function is one one or onto

given a binary sequence of length n ,how many sequence of length n can be generated such that there are no 2 adjacent 0's.

write a procedure to find the permutation of word LEADING considering {E,I,A} together .

I have a matirx

where ci and si represent cos(θi) and sin(θi), respectively. I need to substitute

What is the right way of using trigsubs command?


write a maple script to find the relation on set s is




CodeGeneration returns round brackets when converting a matrix to numpy. According to Python syntax it should return square brackets. I am using Maple 18, so maybe this issue has been solved in more recent releases.


local Q:
Q:= Matrix(2,2):
Q(1,1) := 1E5:
Q(2,2) := 1E4:
Q(1,2) := 1E3:
Q(2,1) := 1E3:
return Q:
end proc:


import numpy

def QLoc ():
    Q = numpy.mat([[0,0],[0,0]])
    Q(1, 1) = 0.1e6
    Q(2, 2) = 0.1e5
    Q(1, 2) = 0.1e4
    Q(2, 1) = 0.1e4


Dear All,

I wanted to check the calcultations carried out in a Journal Article I was reading as I was not very convinced.

The objective is to find q1i, q2i, q3i in terms of px, py, and pz and constant parameters φ, a, b, h, and r.

I have realised that the results given by the article do not match with the solution to the dsolve command.

Could you please spot where the mistake is?

My Solution:

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