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Is there or will there be a german version or is there a language pack available somewhere?

r=a+b sin(x), this is the function I want to plot the graph in polar co-ordinates but how to manage those arbitrary constants "a and b" ?

Hi everyone, I need someone’s expertise with the Maple Soft Application, I am currently into my 4th day of my Maple Soft experience and also returning to School after many years. Can someone help me with the following codes to solve step by step Differential Equation 1 below;

Please help me with following codes below

  1. Boundary Condition 1
  2. Boundary Condition 2
  3. General Solution
  4. The integration Part of the Equation
  5. Solving the Differential Equation  

Equation 1.

Determine the equilibrium temperature for a one dimensional rod with a constant thermal properties with the following source and boundary conditions.

  1. Q = 0, U(0) = 10, u(L) = 20
  2. Q/K0 = x, u(0) = 0, u(L) = 10


I understand how to obtain the solution to the equation above,

(a) Equilibrium satisfies

                                                U’’(x) = 0,

Whose general solution is u = c1 + c2x.

The boundary condition u(0) = 0 implies c1 = 0 and u(L) = T implies c2 = T/L so that u = T x/L.

(f) In equilibrium, u satisfies

U’’(x) = −Q/K0 = −x^2,

Whose general solution (by integrating twice) is

u = −x ^4 /12 + c1 + c2x.

The boundary condition u(0) = T yields c1 = T, while u’(L) = 0 yields c2 = L^3/3.

Thus u = −x ^4 /12 + L^3x/3 + T.

I am trying to get jacobian computed for lorenz equations, not showing matrix, using Maple 2019 newest version. any guidance?





Hi everybody!


Quick question for you guys. I have access to Maple 2019 on my main computer and Maple 2018 on a remote Desktop (but I don't want to use because it's super slow and bad (normal rdp stuff)). The problem I have is for the same document, same line, same instruction, Maple 2019 on my computer is failling to do it correctly (unable to do the matrix correctly) and in the Remote Maple 2018 it's doing it just fine. I really don't understand. If someone can give me a little help it would be highly apreciated!


Maple 2018 (what it's supposed to do):