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Hi; Is there any way to find int(x*exp(-I*x*theta)/sinh(1/2*Pi*x),x=-infinity..infinity); by maple, where theta is a real constant. cheers Sayed
Hello all, Up-Front: it is a homework problem I've been a longtime Mathcad user but have recently discovered the elegance and easy to use Maple. The problem I am having is setting up the following equation: velocity plus the distance equal to the square of time. With initial conditionsL y(0)= 6. I am able to plot, set up for solving etc.. but this one is killing me. I need to solve for the general solution.. hence this post. Any hints tips etc.. will be appreciated. TIA Larry aka
I want to plot a function, and set the x axis in powers of 10 like: 10, 10^2,10^3,10^4 etc... But maple sets it to 1,2,3... Can anyone help?
Dear Maple Primes! I'm trying to evaluate the function F = (2^x/x!)^(1/x) for large x (upto 25,000 say). Maple seems happy to do this using the eval command. However, when I try to plot F it seems to have trouble, and the plot disappears at about x=170 only to reappear at about x=1000! Is this problem related to the plot command, or to the evaluation of F? Is maple's evaluation of F for large x reliable? Thanks for the help Ben
I am solving a set of equations with 4 variables. The solve comes out as an unordered set each time and I cannot figure out how to sort them. Btw, I am using Maple V Release 4 (yes it is old. :-))

So here is the results of the solve

sols := {b1 = 84.92147612, b4 = 87.31363038, b2 = 101.6273403, b3 = 86.10094107}

What i need to get is either the solution ordered {b1,b2,b3,b4} or the indices of the variables in order. I have tried the following:

Isort:=proc(L) local a,i;
> a:=sort([$1..nops(L)],evalb((i,j)->L[i]<=L[j])); [seq(L[i],i=a)],a end:

as recommended from another post and i get the following error:
I am having some trouble figuring out exactly how to organize data points to be used with the Data Analysis Assistant in Worksheet Mode. I initially extracted the expression sequence of data points from the data structure generated by the plot command (an ordinary 2D plot of a function); I then put the expression sequence in a list and put that in a Vector, and was successfully able to look at the data with the Assistant. I'd like to use my own data points (i.e., from Physics labs, etc.), but I don't know what type of data structure to use. The Assistant tells me to put them in either a Vector or an Array, and I've tried both; I get an error indicating that the order (or dimension) of the Curves structure cannot be found (or something to that effect).
Hi, Is there any method to find an integral over a line on the upper-plane of x, from –infinity+I*0 to +infinity+I*0 by the form Int(exp(-I*(x-1/x)*theta) /sinh(x-1/x),x=–infinity+I*0.. +infinity+I*0) Or more complicated Int((x^2+x+1)/sinh(x-1/x)*exp(-I*(x-1/x)*theta),x=–infinity+I*0.. +infinity+I*0) Where theta is a constant real number. Cheers Sayed
I know using partial_diff can do Grad of a rank 1 tensor (i.e. vector) and get a rank 2 tensor. How do I do the reverse? is there any simple way? Thanks
Hi, I'm very new to Maple. I have a set of equations. 16 equations with 16 unknowns, so it is possible to solve for 16 unknowns. I can solve using matrix if all of these equations are linear using my calculator; however, 2 out of the 16 equations are non-linear (x^2...ect) equations. I would like to use a software to solve for it. Is there a way to solve these 16 equations using Maple? If there is, please show me how, the more details the better for me because I'm very new to Maple and not very familiar with using Maple user interface. Thanks
Hello there.... I recently purchased maple10-student edition. I am having trouble trying to use it effectively! I am trying to type in simple maths questions into Maple,but Maple does not seem to recognise it? Ive tried hoping ill be able to get some help with regards to my questions? My question- im tryind to find the fraction equivalent to the fraction ab/cx ? How do you type that in and get the answer? The same goes with this fraction that im trying to simplify a/b + b/a - c/d = How do i type that in ? And can maple give explanations towards its answers?
How do I make odeplot scale the Y axis from 0?

For reasons I do not understand it has started to scale from the minimum value.

My current expression is

odeplot(dsol,[sSX_(u),sSY_(u)],0..(0.9), title = "Postion",
legend=[position],axes=FRAME,scaling=constrained );

Thank you in advance
Hello, I am trying to call a matlab function from maple and get the following error msg: Error, (in OpenEngine) Maple/Matlab Link: Can't start Matlab engine I have tried the with(Maple) command and it shows shows a list of functions indicating that the two packages are linked. I would highly appreciate if someone could help me out with this. Thanks Saqib
Good morning.
I'd like to know if (and how) it is possible to use Dirac's bra-kets notation, so often used in Quantum Mechanics and Physics courses...
I searched in this site and with google, but I found no hints...
Probably that notation conflicts with the methods used to write a vector, e.g v:=; , but I wonder if it exists a workaround, an hack, a package, a library or something else to accomplish the task...

Thank you.
Have a nice day!

Gabriele Inghirami
I'm looking for a C library that does symbolic manipulation - particularly integration. Does anything like this exist?
We use maple to generate all of our computational bits, dump this out to header files, and include this in our code base. A lot of the code that is generated is redundant so it would be nice to have codegen[C] know, or at least be able to be told, to optimize the entire code being dumped to the same header file. Is this possible? Examples follow... " ..... DCb := array(1..3): lp:='lp':ip:='ip':m:='m':ap:='ap':jp:='jp':a:='a':l:='l':j:='j':i:='i':k:='k':kp:='kp': for ip from 1 to 3 do DCb[ip] := sum(sum(sum(sum(sum(gd[ip,jp]*gu[ap,lp]*jacu[m,lp]*jacu[a,ap]*dJ[jp,m,a],m=1..3),jp=1..3),lp=1..3),ap=1..3),a=1..3):
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