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When I use PDEtools in Maple10 to get subscript notation of derivatives it works for equations that are assigned to another variable name. It does not work for equations that are referred to only by their Maple10-generated equation numbers. The sample case below shows the problem. It is an edited Maple-text version. I tried uploading the file, but neither Live Worksheet or HTML copy correctly display. Live Worksheet apparently doesn't access PDEtools, and the HTML copy can't handle equation number references. I can supply the test file to any one who wants it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I know the 'factor' function won't do it. But is there any function available in Maple that will take for example 2*p^2 + 4 as an argument and return 2(p^2 + 2) as a result? i.e. I want to factor integer coefficients. Thanks, Eddie
Hi, I was having a problem to write a Maplet for model selection. My problem is that, the variables from Combobox are not received by the procedure that should make the model selection. I am trying to apply the function parse to transform the string from ComboBox and add it to the variable that will be send to procedure FORMULCAO. Here is the code: > with(Maplets[Elements]): > Cond:=module() > option package; > local maplet; > export Model; > global deptemp,N, NDOM, MODE; > use Maplets[Elements] in > maplet := Maplet([ > [ > "Time Dependence: ", > ComboBox['CoB1']("stationary", sort([
Hello, I would like to define new type in my package but I don't know how. What should I change in followng code to make it work? Thank you. Karel Srot restart: march('create', ".", 3); MyModule := module() option package; export p, `type/FS`; `type/FS`:=proc(t); # define new type if t=`a` then RETURN(true); else RETURN(false); end if; end: p:=proc(S::FS) local coeff, t; print(1); end proc: end module; savelibname := ".": savelib('MyModule'); restart: libname:=libname, `.`: with(MyModule); type(a, FS);
hi I am new to Maple. I have been trying to solve a nonlinear equation, but have been fraught with problem. I would appreciate any help. Solution through 'solve' would be great but 'fsolve' will be ok too. For the solve eq:=int(E^2/(exp((E-Mu)/KT)-1), E=El..EU)) -int(E^2/(exp((E/KT)-1), E=EL..EU))=0) Typical values of E are 10^-19; and KT is about 10^-15.
How do I solve an equation such as this: z(t+1)=1+a*b-((a*b)/z(t)) Finite time of T periods so there is a boundary condition of z(T+1)=0. Need to solve backwards for z(t).
Hello, on one of my procedures, i have the following error message "Error, first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable" And I absolutely don't know what _Inert_ASSIGN refers to... May somebody help me ? Thank you.
I've got the following inequality with `in`(z, complex): 3*Im(z)^2-1
I have Maple 10 and it doesn't want to solve it for me. Furthermore how could I plot the area of this inequality in gaussian complex number plane?
I hope you can help me. plumbum
hi all if i have random points in xy plane and for each point i have few measured values how can i fit a surface through that points?
Hi, I have the following equation which I want to plot V against t for t=0..10 and V=0..3000. V=1.186*10^3*exp(-9.478*10^(-3)*V)+749.579*0.455*exp(-t/0.245)+0.0375*exp(1/(4*t+1.2)); Ive tried to solve numerically and came with the following: V=105.5074910 LambertW(11.24090800 (e)^((-3.232551942 (e)^((-4.081632653 t))-0.0003554250000 (e)^(((2.500000000)/(10. t+3.))))))+341.0584450 (e)^((-4.081632653 t))+0.03750000000 (e)^(((2.500000000)/(10. t+3.)))]] Im not sure how or if this can be done in Maple.Any help would be very appreciated Regards, Nasos
Hi, I have the following question: Is there in Maple (v 10) something like the Matlab "find" command, which, in short, returns a position of a vector (or array, etc.) entry satisfying a given condition?? Thx
Hi, I am writing my output using printf(...) procedure. Sometimes I would like to use bold font. Is it possible to interfere with maple 10, like this kernelopts(.... turn bold on :-) .....) printf("something in bold\n"); kernelopts(.... turn bold off :-) ....) printf("something not in bold\n"); Is any way to do this?
Since the book entries do not yet have their own tracker (like the forums, blogs, etc), I figured I would give a particular entry I crafted on advanced maple programming a bit of a boost by making a blog entry of it, at least until Will get the tracker back online. I did spend a huge amount of time on that book entry, so I want it to get some visibility!
Hi, Sorry if a question like this has already been answered, but I didn't find any similar ones. I have a matrix that may look like this: M:=Matrix([[1,[0,0,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda,[0,0,0],[1,1,0]],[lambda,[1,1,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda^2 ,[1,1,0],[1,1,0]]]); only much larger... maybe with RowDimension 200000. Is it possible to use LinearAlgebra:-Map involving some conditioning on different rows. Say "Map the first element of each row to zero if the second and third elements are equal". I can do operation in different columns like: Map[(i,j)->evalb(j=3)](x->2*x,M)
I am trying to export a command from Maple 10 into, say, Word. I noticed that when the command exceeds a certain length (??) then it's being put into two lines. whereas the original was just one. I am using cut and paste special. It happens regardless of what format you use for paste special. ditto concerning the paragraph format in word. any help appreciated. thanks
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