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Please, could anybody help me with this integral, where y is higher than 0? Int(Int(1/((1+y*(cos(x)+cos(z)))^(1/2)),x = 0 .. pi),z = 0 .. pi); Thank you a lot for help. D. Reyes CBPF-Brazil.
I'm trying to use Eigenvectors on a 7x7 matrix (in maple8 on linux). The process
never returns and its size continually grows (>200 MB before I kill the process).
I am new to maple, but have successfully used Eigenvectors on a different (sparser)
7x7 matrix. I'm assuming that either a general 7x7 matrix is too hard for
maple to solve analytically, or something about the degeneracy of my matrix is
causing problems? btw, Nullspace works fine on the matrix. Any help would be
appreciated. I added the assumptions hoping that would simplify the solution,
but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Below is the code.
I have a vector containing a variable >vec1[1]; var1 I have another vector containing a symbolic solution. >vec2[1]; a + b + c I wish to assign a + b +c to var1 so that >var1; a + b_+ c How do I do that? All of my usual methods seem to come unstuck.
Hello, I'm working on a document and I decided to print it out to do some editing. I have enabled page numbers, and when I do a print preview I see the page numbers at the bottom of the all of the pages. But when I print out the file, the page number appears at the bottom of the first page but not on any of the next pages. This happens both when I print it to our office printer and when I print it to a PDF file. Any suggestions?
1) How do I view the source code of, say, (Student[Calculus1][AntiderivativeTutor])(); 2) I'm using a Maplet where a student will enter an expression into a MathMLEditor. I then want to compare this expression to one that the computer has already generated, to see if they can identify the inside function in a composite function, for instance. Once they enter their expression into the Editor, I use a Get command to extract it, and MathML[Import] to turn it into Maple expression to compare it with the computer-generated one. This works fine with functions like 1/x^9 (which you can type in easily into the editor), but really causes problems with ln(x) or sin(x). If you type in "sin(x)" into the Editor, MathML[Import] will interpret that as
Hello All Dear Maplesoft professionals, I have a classic internal Maple procedure. It works by call in Maple session like this MyProc[Function]([3/5,7,4.25], ["blue","red","gold"]); I am planning to call it from OpenMaple application (fast and correct and many times). The members of lists will change many times at .exe session (user dialog). What the best way to call it from C code 1. Function Conection DagProc = EvalMapleStatement(kv, "MyProc[Function];"); 2. ???? What kind manipulation by data [3/5,7,4.25], ["blue","red","gold"]
I just uploaded the file I am looking for a result such that when I collapse the document block I see the statement The answer to 4+3 is 7. on one line. I would like it so that if I expand the document block, and change the command line to 4 + 4 and then collapse the document block I will see The answer to 4 + 4 is 8. Is there any way to accomplish this? View on MapleNet or Download
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Dear Maple users, I am trying to use Minimax to create a rational approximation to a function over a specified approximation interval. But, I keep getting the following error message. Can someone help? > with(numapprox): > Digits:=50; Digits := 50 > minimax(tanh(sqrt(x))/sqrt(x), x=1..10^4, [13,14]); Error, (in numapprox/remez) error curve fails to oscillate sufficiently; try different degrees Thanks, Adnan.
Hi; Is there any way to find a closed form of the following integral by maple, where theta is a real constant. cheers Sayed int(x*exp(-I*x*theta)/sinh(1/2*Pi*x),x=-infinity..infinity);
The problem i have is this, the plot that i am suppose to recieve is one that looks like the 'pointplot3d' below, yet i recieve something which doesn't. Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this? with(plots):Digits:=15: > Omega[0,1]:=.825352549049169: plot3d(MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],r*I)*MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],theta),theta=0..2*Pi,r=0..1,coords=ellcylindrical,axes=FRAMED); points1:={seq(seq([T/100,2*Pi*S/100,MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],2*Pi*S/100)*MathieuCE(0,Omega[0,1],I*T/100)],T=1..100), S=1..100)}: pointplot3d(points1,coords=ellcylindrical, axes=FRAMED, color=red, style=wireframe);
in document mode I like to add a descriptive text after the inline output to label what answer is. You cant just switch to text mode and start typing, it does not work. The only way I have been able to do this is to use the next float or next prime command then backspace twice to erase that output and then I can switch to text mode and append text. Is there a easier way to do this?
How do I display / calculate -1.60x10^-19 when calculating Coulombs? This returns a "Error, invalid power" in Maple 10 (student) and Classic Maple (student) and in the calculator (student).! Frustrating, Yes I am a student and a new user and I need the help the software promises to provide.
I'm trying to solve a system of equations in maple and I have no idea why it's doing what it's doing but it certainly isn't working. Anybody have an idea what's going on? View on MapleNet or Download
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i have a problem of my equation with differentiation,in the first i run it total OK ,but when i input the value into the equation, the ERROR was show the screen. i don't know which step have the problem in my procedure. under is my maple file,(if you can't understand what mean of this procedure,just send me E-mail). regards View 1984_new equation with water on MapleNet or Download 1984_new equation with water
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A colleague asked me about this, and I couldn't help him: > g:=y+exp(2*t): > y2:=subs([y=3,t=0.1],g); y2 := 4.221402758 > subs([y=y2,t=0.1],g); 4.221402758 Why has not the new value of y2 been substituted for y in this last expression? And the same thing happens for eval. Thanks, Alasdair
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