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Hello i wonder whether its possible to solve elliptic pdes numerically in Maple10. I didnt succeed. I have a 2dim. poisson equation with the source term being the output from an other pde, i.e the source term can not be given in closed form so how to integrate this? i always get the message that Maple10 can not solve elliptic pdes Thanks for any ideas
Hi, I am trying to find a solution to this following maximization problem: pi[a1]:=Q*log(t)*(e[q]) - ( P*(1/log(t))*(1/(1- (e[q])))) - log(y)*log(t)*(e[q]*s[q]+(1-e(q))*s[p]); maximize pi[a1] with respect to t and e[q]. I tried analytical method but it seems that there is no closed form solution. pi_a1[diffwrtp_t]:=(diff(pi[a1],t)); pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]:=(diff(pi[a1],e[q])); solve({pi_a1[diffwrtp_t] =0, pi_a1[diffwrtp_eq]=0 },{t, e[q]}); Can someone please advice me how to solve the differential equation stated above so that I can find a relationship between t and e[q] and t and y.
Hello, I'm still a new user and I have been unable get MAPLE to print with a result that looks like the original MAPLE file. I know the solution is probably something simple but I can't figure out what it is. I have just uploaded 2 files; and GeorgePaper1.pdf. The latter is a file printout of the former. I'd sure appreciate it if someone could take a look at these 2 files and tell me what I'm doing wrong. -Thank you.
When using the Plotter element in a Maplet, one of the options is (copied from the help file): delay = posint The delay in milliseconds between frames. The default value for this option is 100. So far, if I set this above 1000, the animation will not play. 1000 works and anything below it. Does this mean I cannot have my animation play slower than one second intervals between frames? If this is the upper limit, does anyone have a suggestion for how to get around this? One thing I was thinking was using the Student[Calculus1][ApproximateInt] command (this is what I'm animating) with the partition value set at different intervals corresponding to a function, t, 2*t, 4*t, etc., just like the actual animation does. But I could have my plotter updated manually using a time delay function that Will gave me previously on here. That's a lot of extra code, though; delaying the plot speed even more would work much better.
Hi all,

I'm having a dickens of a time trying to get the following simple conditional statement to work:

> restart;
> p := 6;
> q := 8;
> delta := 4;

> if ((q>0) and (p<0))then print(Node)
elif (q<0)then print(Saddle)
elif((p=0) and (q>0))then print(Center)
else print(Spiral)
end if;

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-FI : "'_Inert_DELAYBOOLEAN' is not a valid inert form"
Typesetting:-mambiguous(if ((qgt0)and(plt0))then printApplyFunction(Node)

After I compute the values of p,q,and delta I want a ptinted line to tell me the type of Critical Point I have. I am using Maple 10 Student with WIN XP Pro
i need to solve the equation in method in least square; i have one equation e.g.f(x)=a*x^2-b*x-c, but i need use it two times in one equation,like g(x)=f(x1)-f(x). f(x1) put the value x1 in equation f(x),the behind is not the equation like this : a*x1^2-b*x1-c-a*x^2-b*x-c if i input the equation g(x):=f(x)-f(x)the input the value a,b, the 0. it's not my need. who can tell me how to solve the problem?
Hi people, I would like to know how to obtain in maple (to add this in a variable in mapleTA) the next thing: a system like this: {x+2y=0, x+4y+3z=5, x+y+z=0} in a good presentation way, I mean, If I do MathML:-ExportPresentation({x+2y=0, x+4y+3z=5, x+y+z=0}) and I use the resultant code in mapleTA, I obtain the system in a inline way, but I want it like this: x+2y=0 x+4y+3z=5 (here a big "}" englobing all) x+y+z=0 How is it possible using only maple? Thanks
I want to generate MathML code. I'm using Maple 9.5. However I want the generated code not to evaluate the expression. For example:

> codegen[MathML](5^4);
<math xmlns=''>
<mn xref='id1'>625</mn>
<annotation-xml encoding='MathML-Content'>
<cn id='id1' type='integer'>625</cn>
<annotation encoding='Maple'>625</annotation>

while what I want is:

<math xmlns=''>
<mrow xref='id3'>
<mi xref='id1'>5</mi>
Hi When I try to print in Maple 10.05 having set the zoom factor to below 100% (e.g. 75%) the print is still in 100% zoom. How do I print using a smaller zoom? This was possible in Maple 10 Classic and Maple 9.5 By the way, I am using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Regards
Hi all.. I am probably overlooking a switch or setting in Maple(10)Win XP, but when I do a calculation such as: yh:=c1*x1*exp(-1.5*t)+c2*x2*exp(-1.44*t); Maple returns: yh:=c1 x1 (e)^((-1.5000 t))+c2 x2 (e)^((-1.4400 t)) Which is correct but Maple does not recognize the (e)^(-1.44*t) as the exponential when I try to use it in future calculations. Is there a setting I have missed or is this how Maple handles exponentials? TIA Larry Ciak aka
Hi, I am trying to solve a first order differential equation numerically using dsolve. The equation is of the form dx/dt = k1 x + k2 |x|^2 x where x(t) is a complex valued function and k1 and k2 are complex constants. I get the following warning/error from maple10 Warning, abs is not differentiable at non-real arguments For this equation dsolve only gives me the solution for relatively short times (t ~1 or 2) and I know there is a solution valid at large times >>1. Obviously I could cast this equation into a system of 2: one for the real part and the other for the imaginary part.
Given N-1 independent (not necessarily linear) equations in N variables, how do I tell Maple to find solutions in terms of a specific variable? For example: with(RealDomain); eq1:=x-1=a*cos(theta); eq2:=x+1=a*sin(theta); I want to find a and theta in terms of x: a=sqrt(2*x^2+2), theta=arctan((x+1)/(x-1)) solve({eq1,eq2},[a,theta]) appears to give me solutions based on elimination of x.
Hello! Another newbie question. How do I prevent Maple from displaying the actual numbers on the x-axis and y-axis in a plot? I've looked around in Help, but couldn't find anything useful... Thanks for your interest! Carolus
Hi guies, my Maple is out of order because my "kernel connection is not available" and Maple is closed by "mserver.exe"; my firewalls are stopped when I open Maple. Before this problem Maple did'nt find the dll:"libgmp-3.dll".However I reinstalled Maple. What can I do? Thanks
I have two functions describing the physics of gamma radiation. I want to plot one function in terms of the other, i.e., set my x-axis to one function, and my y-axis to the other, to see there relation as there values increase. How do I do that? Thanks.
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