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How do I format a variable with the superscript bar over the variable?

Maple 11.00, Standard GUI, worksheet mode.


It's magic. The LEGEND() call is present in the PLOT structure, but it doesn't get displayed.


Hi, I'm trying to do a piechart. the following code generates one alright but I have no idea how I can make the labels be outside instead of inside the piechart. any ideas?? with(Statistics); PieChart([England = 341, Spain = 237, Germany = 93, France = 91, Unknown = 56, Wales = 40, Ireland = 39, Sweden = 35, Russia = 31, Other = 244], color = orange .. green); thanks Antje
Does anyone know a way to get Maple to take advantage of the type of matrix you are giving it? I have a block toeplitz matrix and am using Maple to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Thanks in advance :D
I am trying to plot an equation containing special functions - namely, elliptic integrals. The goal is to plot equation (16) of the attached file. Any suggestions/guidance is appreciated. View on MapleNet or Download
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I was wondering if Maple can read an inputfile the way tecplot can, or at least plot a huge list of coordinates WITHOUT using the pointplot command (it will take me to long to put all of my coordinates in pointplot's correct input format). I have a list of about 5000 coordinates (x and y) and I want to see y vs x in a 2D graph. Any help is GREATLY appreciated Thanks.
Is there a way to choose the colours? If using it with 'implicitplot' on something like y - x it gives brute red and yellow ...
Hi, I have 2 columns A and B of random numbers each of length N drawn from the same distribution ( I am using a normal distribution but even an uniform distribution will do ). How do I check using Maple that the 2 dimensional random numbers generated as the 2-tuple {A[i],B[i]} (i=1 to sample size N ) are good quality random numbers.
Hello! I have a quasilinear first-order PDE system and Maple gives me only the trivial zero-solution after some seconds of computations. I know from theory that there are nontrivial solutions to the PDE, too. Can I get them somehow (from for example Maple)? This is the PDE: PDE := {diff(alpha[1](u, v), u) = -I*exp(I*u)*beta[1](u, v), diff(alpha[1](u, v), v) = -I*exp(-I*v)*beta[2](u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), u) = I*exp(-I*u)*beta[2](u, v), diff(beta[2](u, v), v) = 1/4*I*exp(I*u)*alpha[2](u, v)+1/2*I*exp(I*(v+u))*beta[1](u, v)+1/2*I*(beta[2])(u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), v) = -I*exp(I*v)*beta[1](u, v),
I'm having trouble performing what I had supposed was a simple calculation. I'm trying to calculate pairs of values that lie on the binodal (liquid-gas coexistence) curve of the van der Waals phase diagram. I have an equation, that I need to solve for the two variables vg, and vl, based on two constraints. Unfortunately, while the code I have written returns answers, they are wrong, and do not even satisfy the constraints. My code is below - I'd be exceptionally greatful if someone could point out what I am doing wrong, or suggest a better way. > kbd := 1: > bd := 0.5: > ad:=2:
How do I programmatically save the output of "C" code generation to a "cpp" file? I am doing all of these in Matlab via the Maple engine, which is version 10, I guess. I cannot seem to do "writeto" redirection here, because Matlab doesn't allow that I guess. And I like to use "fprintf" because it gives me more control of the code that is generated... If it works, I no longer need copy and paste.. But it didn't work at all. There was no error message, but the file was empty... Can anybody tell me why? Thanks! -------------------- fd:=fopen("trygenC.cpp", WRITE, TEXT)
Hi, It appears that maple has some sort of internal memory restriction, which sometimes causes it to stop during a computation with the following error message: Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation, see ?alloc ..." Browsing through ?alloc, it appears that there's a way to increase this "software limit" , using something they call a "-T cl argument" but I was not able to find just how to go about it. Any idea how this could be done? thanks
bb:=proc(aa, n) add(add(aa[j][k], j=0 .. 5), k=0 .. n) end proc cc:=prep2trans(bb) dd:=C(cc, optimized) ??? Error using ==> maple at 129 Error, (in codegen/C) Unable to translate this subscript into C aa[i2][i1] -------------- I don't understand...
Hello everybody. I'm a newbies here. I would be glad if anyone of you here could please help me to create a maple code to perform a full pivoting where it permits both row and column exchange.The code is to be used to any kinds of nxn square matrix..Thank you..:)
Here is the article. I wrote this as a blog entry, and felt it was better to leave it one place rather than duplicating it. Besides, I don't know how to delete a blog entry. A cheap way to earn five points; however, my next page addition—in the works—to this book will be recompense.
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