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Hi The code below prints out (x-1)*(x-2) with an asterisk for the multiplication symbol. I would like it to print out z without this sign. Any ideas please on how to do this. Maple input restart: interface(prettyprint=3): printlevel:=1: a:=1:b:=-3:c:=2: y:=a*x^2+b*x+c: z:=factor(y); printf("%A\n",z); Maple output z := (x - 1) (x - 2) (x-1)*(x-2)
I have had trouble figuring out how to specify initial and boundary conditions in pdsolve. I've tried using the syntax for dsolve, but without any success. I've also looked over the help page for the command but I can't seem to find any examples that illustrate this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Keenan
I am trying to plot the function: exp(-pi*((y-3)/(1/3))^2). what I input is plot(%(the preceding function), y = -10..10); , but all I get is the error messages, (Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct) (Error, empty plot) can someone please help ? thanks, Dan
Hello, I am trying to follow the example in the MAPLE10 User Manual, pg. 248. I have created the file, which I just uploaded. As far as I can tell, my file is identical to what is shown on pg. 248. The Manual says 4. Select the entire area (text and math content) to format. 5. From the Format menu, select Create Document Block. I select the entire area, then I go to the Format menu, and I find that the option 'Create Document Block' is greyed out - that is, it is unavailable. In fact, that option only seems to be available when nothing is selected. Could it be that there is an error in the Manual here?
Hi, I am trying to use fsolve to find the roots of p non-linear equations. These vary from 2 dimensional to, so far, 5 dimensional. I'm really trying to minimize the log likelihood of an ARCH time series: L := (t) -> 1/2*T*log(2*Pi)+1/2*Sum(log(h(t)),t = p .. T)+1/2*Sum(y[t]^2/h(t),t = p .. T): where h := (t) -> alpha[1] + alpha[2]*y[t-1]^2 + alpha[3]*y[t-2]^2 ... + alpha[p]*u[y-p]^2: and y[t] are observed data. I've used the p partial derivatives to solve for dL/dalpha=0 using fsolve and intervals alpha=0..1. Occasionally, it works fine and estimates the parameter vector alpha reasonably. However, sometimes it takes about 30-60 seconds and just returns the equation and no answer:
I am a starter of the maple, now i have a problem of the equation of convert. the equation is like that: D(x1):=a1*fx+a2*gx-alpha*Ab; need a commend to convert equation gx:=...... but i don't know which commend can i apply in the Maple?
Hello Everyone:

I currently use Maple in my college algebra course. One of the topcis discussed in the class is how to solve and graph compound linear inequalities. For example, sketch the graph of

3-x<y+2 or x>y+5

Is Maple even capable to generating the graph of this type of problem?

Christopher Ubing
Mathematics Instructor
University of Phoenix.
I have been creating a document and had to create a table. I made a mistake, deleted the table and then tried to redo it but I am not allowed use the following functions:table, plot, spreadsheet, and sketch. These four are now in very pale type. How can I recover them? Thank you. Blake
Hello I am asking about the best/easiest tool or software that can help me write some mathematical sheets with ease. Microsoft Equation editor is very cumbersome. Also i heard about Latex/Miktex but i am really very confused with them. I wish there's a tool or means in Maple 10 (which i have acess to) that can let me do this Any ideas?
I wonder if someone could explain what I'm doing wrong here.

> Maple Equation

> Maple Equation

Hello, I would like to use Maple for testing the syntax. In documentation is mentioned the -P parameter, which switch the maple into syntax checking mode, where none expressions are evaluated. I can imagine, that I will run maple with -P parameter to process a worksheet and after proceeding, I will search the errors in output. But I would like to have one Maple instance still running and to send/receive data continously. That means to sent through the one pipe to maple some expression and through other pipe receive answer from maple. Is it possible? Can you write here some solution using python or perl?
I'm creating worksheets for students; the worksheets contain example Maple commands, which I would like to copy directly from Maple 10 into emacs (my preferred editor for all my (La)TeX work). How can I do this? At the moment, the best I can do is to export the Maple worksheet as plain text, and open that up in emacs. But this is a clumsy and round-about way for doing things. How can I coerce Maple to copy and paste to and from the X buffer? I'm using Suse 10.0. Thanks, Alasdair
Hello. I am aware of the subs command. I was wondering if there is any way in Maple to use Edit/replace to change variable names. Whenever I do a search on 'II' in the following file, it takes me the the line which starts with "In this line". It seems to ignore the Math stuff. Any way around this? Second question: To get the line with the second derivative to print out the wat it did, I ended up having to use 2 sets of single quotes around the formula instead of one. I was kind of wondering why that is. -Thanks.

Maple Equation

In a loop I m calculating x and y coordinates of a point. Then, I m plotting this points with plot command. But my loop takes too much time so I haven’t seen anything until the loop end. Is there any way to see these points immediately? My code is like: data := []; For i from 1 to LargeInteger do … x := … y := … … data := [ op(data), [x,y] ]; … od; plot(data, style=point); Thanks...
Hello, Does anyone know how I can open/convert some (old?) Maple worksheets which have the extension .ms? I'm using Maple 10 now, and I just found these old files that I need to use. Thank you all in advance for any ideas or suggestions. FB
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