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(I think this was posted in the wrong section of mapleprimes.) Hi, I have read the manual on saving to a file many times but it never works for me. I am using Maple 10 on a Mac running MacOS 10.4.10. I have copied the example from the manual and run that and it does work so I am quite confused. Here is what I would like to do: I have a worksheet with lots of definitions,equations, lists, etc. and I would like to have these available on another worksheet. I have tried > save nx; # nx is the name of my worksheet then > read nx; Error, unable to read `nx` I have the same problem with trying to save names e.g.
Hello. I'm having a problem graphing the following parametric equations in 3d , together: x=1-2*t y=-t z=3+t and x= 5+3*s-4*t y=7-5*s-5*t z=-2-s+6*t Thanks, excuse-me my English, I’m foreigner
Hallo, I have a function in form f(x(t)), how can i define it in maple and diff it? thanks a lot ex ante.
Hi, Thanks to a few matrix-transformaties, I have elements like ' 1/2*cos(t)-1/2*3^(1/2)*sin(t) ' which also equals cos(t+1/3*pi) (--> thx to: cos(pi/3) = 1/2 and sin(pi/3) = sqrt(3)/2). But I don't find any way to make maple realize that it can be simplified that way. Can he make such simplifications? thx in advance
How do I use newtons method tutor to find the fixed points of a function?
I am trying to figure out what the heck im doing wrong when embedding the if into the loop:

for a from 1 while a<13 do
then functions[a]:=m||a;
else functions[a]:=(m||a||rref[1,5]*x^(3))+(m||a||rref[2,5]*x^(2))+(m||a||rref[3,5]*x)+(m||a||rref(4,5)); end if
end do;

I get the Error, unterminated loop

Thanks in advance!
Ok, I'm writing a procedure that will return either true or false as to whether a given coordinate (u,v) lies with the plane polygon, made up of n sets of points (xi,yi). I can write the loop code (I think) to check whether u and v are within the intervals; what i cannot do is define the matrix properly that representsteh points. I think it should look like: A:=linalg[det](linalg[Matrix](3,3,[X,Y,1,x[1],y[1],1,x[2],y[2],1])) Obviously this is for a 3x3; I want to replace the x[1], y[1] with i's; however, no matter which way i do this i get an error message saying that i have invalid parameters for a matrix.
My previous blog entry was a real success. Even though my original idea about multi-part MIME has not gotten anywhere, I do now have a concise way to package a maplet with supplemental files in a single package that can be downloaded via the WWW and automatically extracted and executed. Most of the ideas were presented by acer. acer first suggested that I look at the interactive interface to the InstallerBuilder. The idea here was to embed the maplet in a worksheet saved in a help database (hdb). This did work, but was not suitable for actual use due to the overhead of the installer. In the attempt to reduce this overhead, acer then supplied some code that used march and LibraryTools. To test the product of this interaction, download the file at the URL
Hi Maple experts, I have a seemingly simple procedure that is supposed to create random matrices. What surprises me is the fact that it takes more CPU time evertime I call it (even in a fresh session). The procedure is as follows: Feynman_random_rho := proc(N::posint, d::posint:=2)::'Matrix'(complex[8]); # # returns a random N-qudit density matrix where the optional second argument, d, # specifies the dimension of each subsystem. By default, d=2 is assumed so that # an N-qubit density matrix is generated. # The density matrices are uniformly distributed according to the Hilbert-Schmidt
Hello, I'm trying to integrate (for a homework) the Planck radiation formula. But the result (see the Maple10 worksheet below) is so strange (polylog(4,exp...) stuff) that I can't figure out what it means. I tried to compute taylor series at T=0 (because the exercise is to prove that integral is proportional to T^4) but Maple can't do it. View on MapleNet or Download 5085_planckintegr
If i have this matrix in maple, what does it mean the last row (0 0 0 0 1) and what is 1? Is it like 2a+5b-6c+2d+6e=1. View on MapleNet or
So I put in my first line and hit return. Maple spits out the second in which my 47.3 lbs/ft^3 gets turned into SI units while the other two quantities are left in FPS. Can someone tell me why?

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Is there a way in Maple to compute the symbolic upper bound and lower bound of a given symbolic formula? Thanks. Bo
I'm new to Maple. I'm quite competent with Matlab, with competent meaning I have some experience using it for analysis of physical data. I'm very experienced in using my TI-89 Titanium I have decided to give Maple a try since I'm not satisfied with the way Matlab handles symbolic expressions. I also want to tryif there's anything better than Matlab. I'm majoring in physics, and I hope to get my bachelor degree in a year. So far I have been writing all my assignments that needed a computer in Microsoft Word, but that is far from satisfactory. I have been considering learning myself LaTeX, but I have been thinking if it's just as good to use Maple to write articles and documents. Can I write an article as fast in Maple as I can in LaTeX? Speed is key for me naturally. Can I write LaTeX directly in Maple?
Note added: As correctly pointed out by Joe Riel in his post below, my function fromTree fails doing what it is supposed to do for expressions which contain lists and/or sets. For a version of fromTree which behaves properly (I believe) also for expressions containing lists and/or sets, see my post below. Consider the following two functions:
toTree   := x -> `if`(op(x) = x,x,[op(0,x),map(toTree,[op(x)])[]]):
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