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What practical limits are there to the size of a system of simultaneous nonlinear equations that fsolve() can solve? in exercise the only input is f how can i simplify a[n] and b[n]? and can someone just write this procedure for me, please? thanks

I'm a new user with Maple. Please give me a clue about this, i tried search over HELP but i cannot find anything. My first question is: how can i get just a real solutions when i solve for an equation ( this one got 2 complex solutions ). The 2nd is about the linear system, I got ROOTOF solution, i think it came from the complex solution. Please download my maple file to take a look. Thank you.

Hi, i have some procedure like from 1 to 300 do ........... od; and it has 300 outputs can i make it dissapear? thanks

Hallo everybody,

I am using maple 8 to numerically evaluate the roots of a 1d polynomial in a given interval. Does anyone know how to force fsolve to compute all the roots  in a given interval  and  not just a single one. Alternatively, does anyone know if it is possible to specify an interval to compute the roots with the solve command? Thank you in advance.

A Maple user in Ireland asks:

Basically when we call BooleanSimplify using the openMaple API, with very long expressions, after a significant period of time maple calls the textCallBack with the tag MAPLE_TEXT_QUIT and nothing in the string passed to the same function. Could you shed some light on what maple_text_quit is and why maple might be returning this. i.e. could it be that it has hit some internal limit, or that It is hitting some external limit. i.e. malloc

How do I enter a nested for, if loops in Maple in multiple lines. I can enter the loops in multiple lines with no error message, while in the classical worksheet. But entering the same loop sequence in standard worksheet gives me "error, invalid loop" message after entering the first

for i from 1 to 100 do

statement . The error does not ocurr if I enter the for, if statements in one single line  

The attached worksheet solves several equations and populates a spreadsheet; however, I have not been able to get all of the equations to evaluate numerically.  The misstep in the procedure CircumStrain () occurs immediately after fsolving Eq17 for L.  I would then like to calculate the numeric value of y_c using the numeric value of L.  I have not been successful in getting the expression to evaluate numerically.  Any suggestion or assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi, I have two question regarding graph. the function is f:=x^3-3*x*y+2*y^2-3*x+4*y+3: I usually work in Classic Worksheet. in exercise 6, it asks me to find the orientation.... i can use mouse to find a "suitable" angle to view the graph, however, what angle should i put in the command? plot3d(f, x=-2..2, y=-2..1,axes=boxed,orientation=[?????]); and anyone have some advice on exercise 7? stationary points are (0,-1) and (3/4,-7/16) thanks


I'd like to understand how the mersenne function works in Maple.
I typed :

> with(numtheory):
> interface(verboseproc=2);
> print(mersenne);

That printed out :

Hi, how can i convert {x=a,y=b} to (a,b) using map? > f:=x^3-3*x*y+2*y^2-3*x+4*y+3: stpts:= solve({diff(f,x) = 0, diff(f,y) = 0},{x,y}); map2(eval,[x,y],[stpts])[]; [0, -1], [3/4, -7/16] i want (0,-1),(-7/16) instead thanks!



I have another question for you.

I am trying to design an exercise where people would have to look at points and then connect some of them.  It would be great if my points (for which I want to use pointplot) would have some sort of name next to them.

I actually want to make a loop creating those points, so inserting the "i" in that name would be really great.

Is this possible? (Maple help seems to say no)

Many thanks,




I can generate matrix with the command


How can I generate a symmetric real  (large, not only 3x3) matrix with symbol=a ?

Thanks,              Sandor


I like to use the:

interface(verboseproc = 2)

to see whats going on in the calculations.  My question is how can I then see further in, I am trying to see how maple calculates the mean, median and standard deviation,

if I print(describe) it shows me the if statement for choosing which to function to run, but the next step I am stuck.

for example, I want maple to print out what it does when I type describe[mean](array)



thanks in advance.



I was wondering if there was an even quicker, niftier way in maple to copy a whole bunch of executions from one place to another in a maple worksheet?


Perhaps something like cp(2,14) where that would copy lines 2 - 14 right where the command was written?



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