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I don't quite understand about some parameters of flexible beam. Please introduce  briefly.
1. Truncation order of inertial terms
2. Truncation order of elastic coordinates
3. Number of elastic coordinates

There is a example "3D rigid slider crank" in the MapleSim examples. Replace the "crank" and the "rod" with flexible beam, turn it into a flexible system, how to do that?

Thank you very much!

Whenever I have 2 instances of the rotational move block in a model, mserver.exe crashes when I try to run the simulation. Why is this?

Who knows how to model a brushless dc motor?  Can I use a synchronous machine and some circuits? Brushless dc motors do require rotor position information in order to select the appropriate commutation angle. Using three Hall sensors? But how to model a hall sensor or something which can specify the rotor's position and send out a signal? I am looking forward to your answer. If you have some experiences of modeling a double closed-loop dc machine using maplesim, please tell me too.

Hi all,

i would like to modify plot curves with different coloration in the optimization template coming from a maplesim document.

in the startup code of the maple 13 template i tried  to modify code in order to get the plot form with my custom design every time i open it, without the necessity to change again settings after each simulation.

The problem is that in the help section i don't find any examples about changing different expression curve propriety in a list of list and don't understand how to proceed.



I am wrting my thesis which is on some MapleSim models. In Ref I introduce MapleSim, I wanna know if MapleSim has Document Object Identifier (DOI) number or name that I can refer to.

Thanks so much,


Has anyone used MapleSim to coordinate with Matlab/Simulink Model for the purpose of making their autocode the most effiecent?  I belive from  a webinar I watched something like this could can be an application of MapleSim.  I'm curious if anyone  has used it for that purpose?  If so, what were the challenges/benefits? Did you save in embedded memory needed (i.e. smaller autocoded files) or shorter proccesing time measured? 

Does anyone know a way of quantizing sensor data in MapleSim?

Hi there,

I am basically using MapleSim to obtain the equations of motion for mechanical systems and copy

pasting them into a separate Maple document and solvng them numerically. I could work with simple pendulum

and a two link manipulator. But in the case of a four bar mechansism since the system is a closed chain the

number of unknowns ended up being more than the number of equations. In this case, the joint reaction forces

came into play as unknowns. I know MapleSim intelligently does index reduction and solves these equations. But

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