Question: How to unhide input?

I have run into a problem with a file I am preparing for a class. The file is in Document mode with one large section and a number of subsections. Input is 2-d input.

The first subsection behaves normally, input is there, output is there and so on.

The second section does not display the input. The input is still there, somewhere, as the sheet recalculates properly and I can also see there is input when looking at the file with an editor. But no show in Maple.

The third subsection does not show input either.

The fourth subsection is normal again and shows input.

Each of these sections is several screens long. The file actually is an older one where I am adding subsections. The first one (that works normal) is a new one. The original file (before I edited it to add a subsection) works fine still.

So I assume I inadvertently did something that causes this, even though the old subsections are not being edited. I do load Physics[Vectors] but cannot believe that does it. The original file also loads it.

The file was created in Maple 15 and that is where I edited this one. I opened it in Maple 2015 on a different computer, but the behaviour is identical.

Again, the input is there somewhere; the sheet recalculates corrrectly, but I cannot edit the input in the sections that do not show it (I guess that is not a surprise, but it excludes things like a white font color on a white background as there is nothing to select).

Does anyone have a hint how to unhide the input? I tried many things (menu, contextual menu, prefs,...) but no help. It is actually kind-of annoying.

FWIW, this is on Mac OS X, 10.10.5 Yosemite for Maple 2015.1. And 10.5.8 for Maple 15.



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