Question: MathContainer and PlotComponents - Interrelation ??

I find different commands for for different math expressions from mathContainer to be plotted in a plot component.

In the enclosed document, the mathcontainer expression plots outside, but not inside the plot component. What is the mistake, can any one tell me?


restart; with(plots)

inequal(`or`(`and`(`and`(3 <= y, x < 2*y+8), 2*y-6 < x), `and`(`and`(`and`(-5/3 < y, y < 3), x < 2*y+8), -y+3 < x)), x = -2 .. 15, y = -4 .. 11, optionsfeasible = [[color = "black"], [color = "red"]])


"In the following empedded plot componenet, it is not plotted. What is the mistake I am making"? Can anyone help?""



Code inside Click to Plot Button -  Edit Click Code

use DocumentTools in
plt:= GetProperty("MathContainer0",expression);
end use;


``In the plot component "Plot0" it is not plotting!!






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