Question: Can Maple compute two-dimensional Fourier transforms?

I am reading a paper which has some useful two-dimensional Fourier transforms in the appendix: for example,

Fourier transform of 1/r = (1/k)*e^(-kz),

where r = sqrt(x^2 + y^2 + z^2) and k =  sqrt(k_1^2 + k_2^2).

My guess is that the author has computed these by taking contour integrals in the upper half-plane and I would like to compute some of these myself but I have many of them to compute and was wondering if it could be done with Maple instead.

For example, could I use Maple to verify that the above 2D Fourier transform is correct and that the inverse 2D Fourier transform takes you back to the original (or almost takes you back).  After that I would then like to feed in the functions which I have to get Fourer and inverse Fourier transforms.

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