Question: Explore plot3d size problem


One of the features I find most useful is the ability to use Explore and plot3d(in Worksheet mode) to visualize how an expression changes for given parameters.  Unfortunately, when I use Explore(plot3d...) the default output is a very narrow box with a small 3d plot and sliders underneath.  In other programs like matlab or mathematica, resizing a plot is simply a matter of resizing the plot box/window, but I do not understand why it seems almost like an impossibility in Maple, I must be missing something:

  • The resulting 3d plot in the Explore box does not have resize handles
  • Using the 'size' parameter does not work with plot3d, like it does with plot
  • If I under Tools->Options->Display I change Plot Display to 'Window', that seems to have no effect.  I expected it to open the plot in its own resizeable window but that does not seem to be the case.
  • There are resizeable 'handles' on only left and right side of the Explore bounding box, but that does not resize the plot
  • If I click on the plot there are is a 'table' and 'cell' tab that shows up in the right pane:
    • If I increase the cell width and height in pixels, the plot goes blank. I have to rerun the script to get the (small) plot to come back
  • What is even more strange, is that a few times I have stumbled across some 'magical' sequence of resizing the Explore box horizontally, changing table scale settings and the width/height of the plot which eventually does give me a bigger plot.
  • I haven't been able to nail down what the magical sequence is, and 90% of the times I can't get it to work.  Not to mention that the second I run the script again it all resets itself and at best I have to redo the complex 'magical' sequence of adjustments every time.


It can't be this difficult to resize a plot, can it?  I love Maple, I think there is nothing else like it, but this is a rather embarrasing state of things for such a simple, basic functionality.


I did search and found a script for doing it programmatically on a plot but it relies on having a handle(foo:=plot...) to the plot which doesn't seem to work for Explore.


Thanks for any help.


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