Question: Which Maple functions should I research in order to plot an image like this?

My limited experience with Maple graphics consists so far of plotting simple graphs using plot(). Now I'd like to do one like this (digital signal-processing: discretely sampling a continuous signal):

In addition to the graph of the continuous function, I've drawn dots on the graph at integer x-values, and then I've dropped verticals from the dots to the x-axis.

There will always be a dot on the graph at x=0, and the horizontal distance from one dot to the next will always be constant within a single graph, but not always equal to 1. For example, in one graph the dots might be spaced 0, Pi, 2*Pi, etc. It would be nice to show numerical labels for the x-values of the dots in that case too.

What functions should I read about in the docs for this? Thank you.

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