Question: Working with the Student[VectorCalculus package

I must say that using the help for this package is not intuiative. ( in general for all )
Once on a page for command i can't  go back to the home page where the mainpage is for the package
Example i was doing something with gradient command and try figure out how to make a function out of it

At the examples nothing to find about this .. via contectpanel : evalVF (evaluate vectorfield)
So i want to look at the eval command in the student vectorcalculus package 
This could be easy if there was a button to see all commands ( a home button) on the gradient page

Now i must type in help again .. 
evalVF gives a column vector notation , but mixing both notations ? ( as vector , as column vector)  


gf := Gradient(exp(x*y^3*z^2))   


This i can evaluate via contectpanel for  f(x,y,z)  in a point and as output a colomn vector 

Making a vectorfunction for gf is not possible via contectpanel ? , or do i miss something

Note: perhaps showing the package commands in the working document is a idea 

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