Question: spacecurve in a procedure?

Lets say I wanna write a procedure DrawSpaceCurve3d. 


DrawSpaceCurve3d:=proc(fnc::algebraic, vars:name,h::integer, xvalue::range=a{integer}...b..{integer})
plots:-spacecurve([vars, h, funk(vars, h)], ':-x' = 'xvalue')
end proc; 

How I try to run this procedure, then I get the following error. 

"Error, (in Plot:-SpaceCurve) parameter range in the form name=range is missing"

So my question is it possible to get Maple to accept that I write DrawSpaceCurve3D(x^2*y, 2, xvalue=[-5..5]) 

I know the y - curve is missing, but I would like to see if I can get Maple to accept this kind of input?

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