Question: How can I plot(3D) a function with different values of a parameter on the same plot ?

Hello friends

I have the following issue 

I want to make one plot with specific values of argument 

here is an example of 2d plot ,

what i want is to plot the same graph only with specific values of x for example x =-pi..pi/2  , -pi/4..pi/4  and so on 

but this has to be in one plot , could please tell me the options how I can manage this problem .  


At the end its a 3Dplot , x is a function of y and t  

so actually i want to make 3d plot in a different ares of y and t 

something like this plot3d(u ,x=-1..1,t=-1..1 , x=2..3 , t=2..3 .... ) 
or maybe in opposite way ,to restrict some values of x and t 

( idea is that function is periodic but I dont want to get crazy high values of the function, especially where functuon goes to infinity  ) 


thank you very much in advance 

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