Question: Can i construct a numberline what shows the postion  of the latest found Mersenne prime  number ?

Can i make a natural numberline what shows the enumber of primes at each of 1000 numbers  
I have her

0-1000 : 168
1000 -2000: 135

2000-3000 : 127

3000- 4000: 120

4000 -5000 : 119 

then a gap (jump) 

10^7- 1000- 10^7  : 53 

You can see that the "number of primes"  is fluctuating
Can i make a procedure what calculates the latest mersenne prime number ?
Problem is only that there is a theorem: there are arbitrary long series of divisible numbers on the numberline 
There are gaps of length n - 1, where are no primenumbers  in positioned.

The idea is to get a idea of the distribution of primes to make a guess from where to start to find another one? 

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