Question: How to plot the step response of a MIMO system using DynamicSystems object in maple


I ploted the step response of a MIMO system in Maple using DynamicSystems object.

The plot is incorrect.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

I have a system described by 

I want to plot Y(s)/Z(s) = ((C . (1/((s . I) - A))) . B) + D with stepped inputs on both inputs

The system above evaluates to 

My commands are 

ss_a := A__m;
ss_b := B__m;
ss_c := C__m;
ss_d := D__m;
sys4 := StateSpace(ss_a, ss_b, ss_c, ss_d);
plots:-display([ResponsePlot(sys4, [Step(), Step()], 'duration' = 5, color = red)]);

Maple is returning the incorrect plot

The correct plot is 


Correct plot

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