Question: How to animate (i.e. visualise) a spinning sphere that changes orientation

I am looking for something like that but in 3d.

My question is twofold:

- What, in general, are "good" ways to do this? I am surprised that I haven't found anything better than the Boing Ball. Patterns of billard balls might be an alternative if the balls are well oriented at the start of an animation/simulation.

- How can spheres be patterned in Maple? I looked at: plots,obsolete,sphereplot(deprecated), plottools,sphere, and plots,conformal and MaplePrimes for examples but did not find anything to build on. 

Patterns that might not be too complicated to implement:

  • globe with meridians and chessboard pattern,
  • ball with a punched belt,
  • ball with 2 or 3 crossed belts
  • ...

Any thoughts on this topic?

Update: Change of orientation of the angular velocity while the sphere is spinning is an important visualisation aspect. I added this to the title.

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