Question: Calling an integral with a name


I'm sorry about the weird subject of this topic.

Somewher in my calculation with maple I expect to find integrals of products of derivatives of a function of (say) f and M other parameters (say a vector theta) , possibly with constant (symbolic) coefficients, times f^alpha  (alpha real. Something like

Int(  N* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_a))* Diff(psi(f, theta_1, .., theta_M), theta_b))* f^alpha)

(N is an unknown constant)
I want, if possible to tell to maple:

"sort (if any) the coefficients from the integral, and define a two index array function K(theta)_alpha [a,b] with a subscript alpha telling what whas the power of f inside the integra, equal to the (enevaluated) integral with derivative with respect to theta_a and theta_b"

and this automatically. Is that possible?




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