Question: Count number of procedure calls

My first question is :   How can I count the number of recent calls to a procedure (not exprofile) ?

for example:

X := proc ()
Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)), 1)[1]
end proc;
X();  X() ;

should return 2


My second question is:  

I have a procedure as seen below which I plot in a component plot  Do(%Plot0=X(%Slider_mu,%Slider_sigma,%Slider_t));

The Do call has 3 sliders inputs in the form of mu, sigma, tt.

How can I make sure that the randomvariable r is only updated when I slide mu, sigma and not when I slide tt ?

( I guess r should only be updated if mu and sigma have different values compared to the last call maybe something with

GetProperty('Slider1', 'value');  hummm )

randomize() :

n := 10:

X := proc (mu, sigma, tt) local `Δt`, r, s, t, ss;

`Δt` := evalf(1/tt, 3);

r := Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(mu*`Δt`, sigma*sqrt(`Δt`))), n*tt);

for t to n*tt do s[0] := 500; s[t] := s[t-1]+s[t-1]*r[t] end do;

ss := `<,>`(seq(s[i], i = 0 .. n*tt)); LineChart(ss, color = black, thickness = 2, labels = ["Time", "Stock Price"], labelfont = [Times, Roman, 14], font = [times, roman, 14], tickmarks = [[seq(i = evalf((i-1)/tt, 3), i = 1 .. n*tt+1, tt)], default])

end proc :


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