Question: Looking for a specific function - replay fast..

Hi maplers!

Me and some friends have been wondering for quite some time now, about the possibilities based on the folowing calclation:


equ:=a^2=b^2+c^2 (just a commun equation)

Now comes the problem, since i need maple as a tool for making reports and whatever comes in handy, i need to think at the visual stuff too(since my teachers want it, *SIGH*). Then is there a function that just inserts the varriables into the equation, so thre resualt would be something like this:

Calc( equ,'input')


so that it "look" better and there is an explanation on what goes in and how it end up being.

solve(%,a) ;then a solve would finish it and shot the resualt

 a=kvrod(5) ->(at 5 digits) 2.2361 

Happy mapling! :D



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