Question: strange differentiation results with nested functions

Hello Experts,

I'm relatively new to maple, and I wonder why I don't grok even this simple problem.

I'm happy that
> diff(int((A(q,r)), r=lb..ub), q);
evaluates to int(diff(A(q, r), q), r = lb .. ub).
But I wonder why
> diff(int((A(B(q,r))), r=lb..ub), q);
evaluates to
0 where I would have expected
int((D(A))(B(q, r))*(diff(B(q, r), q)), r = lb .. ub);
Especially as the term inside the integral is not evaluated to zero.
> diff((A(B(q,r))), q);
(D(A))(B(q, r))*(diff(B(q, r), q))

best regards,


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