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Hi, so I'm trying to solve this equation, but it seems that I've ran into two issues with it:

My problems with this this is such:

  • The pi^2 did not get integrated into the solution, it's just a pi^2. I would rather it not be like that, but the actual resulting number from that division
  • The units should result in Ω, but it's not, instead it just added the units from the original variables. How do I make it set to the "correct" unit?

Dear all

I construct by hand the two matrices L and U so that A= LU ( LU-factorization) 
I would like to find the number of arithmetic operations required to obtain the matrices 𝐿 and 𝑈

Thank you


does the update of MapleSim 2022.2 have a bug when loading the own libraries? 
After installing the MapleSim 2022.2 update, my libraries have disappeared. I am unable to load them again. The libraries are still in the same folder as before, but when I try to load them, I get the error message

However, the library NoiseX is not listed in the left bar. Even when I try to create a new library, it is not shown in the left bar. On the other hand, there are no problems with the imported libraries. Many thanks in advance for any advice. 

Best wishes,


in some cases, when integral returns result with special function in it, I want to keep the integral as inert instead.

Currently I do an explicit check for some special functions that could show up (and add more if needed). like this

anti := timelimit(60,-int(B/A, x));
if  has(anti,hypergeom) 
               or has(anti,MeijerG) or has(anti,WhittakerM) 
               or has(anti,WhittakerW)or has(anti,EllipticE) or has(anti,EllipticF) then                            
   anti := -Int(B/A, x);

It will be nice if I could write

anti := timelimit(60,-int(B/A, x));
if hastype(anti,'special_math_function') then                  
   anti := -Int(B/A, x);

Function advisor knows about all elementary functions in maple

FunctionAdvisor( elementary );
The 26 functions in the "elementary" class are:

 [arccos, arccosh, arccot, arccoth, arccsc, arccsch, arcsec, 

   arcsech, arcsin, arcsinh, arctan, arctanh, cos, cosh, cot, 

   coth, csc, csch, exp, ln, sec, sech, sin, sinh, tan, tanh]

Is there a way to make a type in Maple for "special math functions"?  You might ask, what is a special math function. Well, it is all build in math functions in Maple which are not elementary? So I do not have to list them all in name one by one as there are so many of them.

Any suggestions?

Maple 2022.2.

I have not used _Envsignum0 before. Been looking at it, and I am little confused.

My testcase is the following


limit(diff(y*fy,y),y = 0,right) assuming real;

It still has signum there., I assumed all are real.

Is there a setting that will automatically convert all signum to 1?  as _Envsignum0:=1; does not seem to do it. Or do I have to explicitly add positive each time? as in

limit(diff(y*fy,y),y = 0,right) assuming real,positive;

The problem with adding assuming real,positive is that it applies to all variables in the expression. I only wanted those that has signum on them, to be replaced by 1.

Maple 2022.2 windows 10

Dear All

Same calculation, but Maple gave 2 different results, when I used 2 different input methods, using palettes and through Maple Tutors, respectively (image). Can someone explain to me the reason?

Dear everyone.

Please suggest me how to choose a suitable function (g(x)) so that the convergence property of the following improper integral can be checked by the comparison method:


I just started to try out maple, as I'm testing out some software. So far it's been fairly easy to work in. I have ran into this interesting solution however

The issue I'm having is that the solution should not be... whatever that is. It should result in, off the top of my head, 2 or 4 numbers, and I'm only interested in one of them. None of the above is the answer to my question however. I don't know exacty what I'm supposed to do to get to that point. looking up the "RootOf" part on the support page didn't really explain it all that well.

Dear all 
I have Sol=proc(  )
local .... ;
RES:=vector with size fixed 
for k from 1 to 100  # iteration
if a < 0.1 then 
end if ;
end do;
 end proc;

My questions:
1) How can I define the vector RES with no size fixed ( we can not at the begin fix the size of RES)
2) Then how can I plot this vector versus number of iteration  
Thank you

Anybody find Import CAD closes MapleSim 2022.2 when just opening file chooser when attempting to import CAD file?


calculating specific weight I get an answer in kg/m2s2. The context panel does not allow me to change the units to N/m3. Any suggestions how to change the units to N/m3. If I use Maple I get the right units. The problem is with Maple Flow.

How to find the dispersion relation (3) in Maple? I try it by equating the coefficients of cos(kx + wt) and its derivative to zero, but couldn't find it.



alias(E = E(x, t), P = P(x, t), N = N(x, t), Q = Q(x, t));

E, P, N, Q


d := Matrix([[c*(diff(E, t))+diff(E, x), alpha*P, 0, 0], [N[0]*E, diff(P, t), -sigma[2]*Q[0]*N/N[0], sigma[2]*omega[0]*Q], [0, sigma[1]*sigma[2]*Q[0]*P/N[0], diff(N, t), 0], [0, -omega[0]*P, 0, diff(Q, t)]]) = 0

d := (Matrix(4, 4, {(1, 1) = c*(diff(E(x, t), t))+diff(E(x, t), x), (1, 2) = alpha*P(x, t), (1, 3) = 0, (1, 4) = 0, (2, 1) = N(x, t)[0]*E(x, t), (2, 2) = diff(P(x, t), t), (2, 3) = -sigma[2]*Q(x, t)[0]*N(x, t)/N(x, t)[0], (2, 4) = sigma[2]*omega[0]*Q(x, t), (3, 1) = 0, (3, 2) = sigma[1]*sigma[2]*Q(x, t)[0]*P(x, t)/N(x, t)[0], (3, 3) = diff(N(x, t), t), (3, 4) = 0, (4, 1) = 0, (4, 2) = -omega[0]*P(x, t), (4, 3) = 0, (4, 4) = diff(Q(x, t), t)})) = 0


re := -c*omega^3-kappa*omega^2+(c*omega[0]*(N[0]^2*sigma[2]+Q[0]^2*sigma[1])/N[0]^2-alpha*N[0])*omega+kappa*omega[0]*(N[0]^2*sigma[2]+Q[0]^2*sigma[1])/N[0]^2 = 0;

-c*omega^3-kappa*omega^2+(c*omega[0]*(Q[0]^2*sigma[1]+N[0]^2*sigma[2])/N[0]^2-alpha*N[0])*omega+kappa*omega[0]*(Q[0]^2*sigma[1]+N[0]^2*sigma[2])/N[0]^2 = 0





Hi everyone 

I have a problem regarding the animation of a flying ball. 

I get the coordinates and rotation in rad/s out of differential equations. Now I want to show the movement of the ball including the rotation in an animation. 

With just the coordinates it works just fine, but when I try do add the rotation the error message "number of elements in lust must be a multiple of 2" appears

I would be grateful for some advice. Thank you in advance.

I added my file, hope it helps.


My third-party soft is fussy: it will only accept pasted plaintext, with no spaces in between, for example:


#My input is 
ans1 := [1407, 1408, 2, 1409, 1411, 0], [1407, 1409, 2, 1408, 1411, 0], [1407, 1411, 2, 1408, 1409, 0];

#I am "trying" to remove the whitespace and convert it to plain text

for i to 3 do
next i

#But the whitespace is still there....

ans1 := [1407, 1408, 2, 1409, 1411, 0], 

  [1407, 1409, 2, 1408, 1411, 0], [1407, 1411, 2, 1408, 1409, 0]

                  1407, 1408, 2, 1409, 1411, 0

                  1407, 1409, 2, 1408, 1411, 0

                  1407, 1411, 2, 1408, 1409, 0

Dear all

My code give me the following error 
Error, (in SOR) invalid left hand side in assignment
I don't understand its origin.

Thank you

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