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Dear sir: I have a question, I am not sure if the Maple can solve it. For a n*n matrix such as: ------------------------------- X_1 x_2 x_3 ... x_n 1 0 0 ... 0 0 1 0 ... 0 ... 0 0 0 ... 1 -------------------------------- Where n is a constant (n is a abstract number, not concrete as 3 or 4), the same is for x_1,x_2... I want to calculate its inverse of this matrix! I am not sure whom I should ask for help! Please give me some instructions! Yours sincerely;
OuterProc := proc () local i, j; InnerProc := proc () i := 15 end proc; i := 0; InnerProc(); i end proc; The following proceedure returns 15, just as I want it to. However, compliation generates a warning saying that the variable i is implicitly local in Innerproc, which it is not. Is there any way to turn off this warning without turning off legitimate warnings about implicit declarations of local variables?
I am trying to write a procedure that will find the inverse of a matrix, A, using the Gauss Jordan method, without using the commands GaussJord or Inverse. Anyone any ideas?
Is (Student) still a package in Maple ? I was trying to get a double integral to work and I was only able to do so after replacing, (with(Student)), with the command (with(student)), and using the command Doubleint. Why was that so ? v/r, Also is the student package the only place where one can get tools to do iterated integrals ?
I’ve learned a fair amount about programming in MAPLE but am still perplexed by some things. I’m not sure how to simulate VB user defined types. Do I use modules, records, tables, some combination of the above? I wrote a Sudoku solving program in VB. The program used the following type and variable declarations: Private Type Square_ NumPossible As Integer Possible(9) As Boolean Number As Integer End Type Dim Square(9, 9) As Square_ If Square (i,j) had been solved then Square(i,j).Number was not equal to 0. If the number 7 were still a possibility in Square (i,j) then Square(i,j).NumPossible(7) returned TRUE.
hi guys! Alright... I have a system of equations in the form of: y=ux^[v+w*ln(x)] So this is what I do: 1.Define the function: h := -> u*x^(v+w*ln(x)) 2.Next, I have to tell maple some solutions to this equation: eqns1 := {h(.6) = 13, h(5) = 120, h(11) = 1000} 3.tell maple to solve: solve(eqns1, {v, u, w}) But I get: Warning, solutions may have been lost and I get no solutions. What is the problem with what I have input? Thanks a lot guys!
Hello, I want to solve out this, Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager

> f1:=factorial(n+1)*((r+1-i)^n)*((-1)^i)/(factorial(i)*factorial(n+1-i));

> f2:=factorial((2^k)+n-r)/((2^(n*k))*factorial(n)*factorial((2^k)-r));

Hello, I would like to know how to separate the complex date into the real part and imaginary part, then write out the date into two different file. As the following example says, I have the data like this 1.4687+2.2874*I -1.1312+2.4717*I -2.6911+.38360*I 3.9923+6.2177*I -3.0749+6.7188*I -7.3151+1.0427*I 10.852+16.901*I -8.3585+18.264*I -19.885+2.8345*I By using the command, > P := proc(f,x::complex(numeric)) fprintf(f,`%g\t%g`,Re(x),Im(x)) end proc: > writedata(terminal,A,float,P); I have ouput the date into the file as the form like this, 1.468700 2.287400 -1.131200 2.471700 -2.691100 .383600
I've always had difficulties using maple to optimize a procedure of multiple variables. I have a problem now where I have a procedure AreaRegion(x,y,z). There are many conditions and subroutines in this procedure that are used to calculate the area of a specific region defined by variables x,y, and z. Its algortihm is based loosly on a Graph Theory program. Anyway, back to the main problem I'm having. I want to minimize AreaRegion(x,y,z). I tried > Minimize(AreaRegion, 0..Pi,-2..2,-2..2) But this gives me > Warning, no iterations performed (And an incorrect answer) I tried
I wonder if someone can tell me why the label (7) appears twice in my file and what I could do to get rid of one of the occurences. As always, thanks for the help. View on MapleNet or Download
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I have a polynomial a large polynomail that I have got from Maple but I need to re-organize this based on powers so I can use it in java they way I need to eg. 12412315 + 1235234X^2 + 32454X^3 + 2400X^4 + 24525434X^5 + 23412452X but I wish to format it as 1 + X + X^2 + X^3 + X^4 + X^5 Is there a way in maple to do this quickly or will I have to deal with this on the java end? Cheers in advance
Can you haep me to optimize this code? for s from size by -1 to 1 do Vpq[1 .. dim, 1 .. dim, s] := (ArrayTools[ElementMultiply])(Rpq[1 .. dim, 1 .. dim, s], map(exp, -I*pq[s, 2]*Theta)); end do; # Vpq[1..dim,1..dim,s]:=Rpq[1..dim,1..dim,s]*exp(-I*pq[s,2]*Theta[1..dim,1..dim]); where Rpq:=Array(1..dim,1..dim,1..size); pq:=Array(1..size,1..2); Theta:=Array(1..dim,1..dim); with dim:=100; size:=1300; I must work with simbolic precision, but the code is very slow! Thanks
Just purchases Maple 11, and was trying to sort out how to add the new trig labels to a plot. Couldn't find anything in the helps docs. Most likely was looking in the wrong spot. Anyways, any help would be grand. Cheers
I want to simplify following expresion by assuming that n is even or uneven. Is it possible to let Maple do this for you?

n~ Pi n~ Pi
-2 sin(-----) + cos(-----) n~ Pi
2 2
b[n~] = - --------------------------------
Pi n~
I have matrix elements of the type (1/2)beta + (sqrt(5)/2)beta which I'd like to write as ( 1/2 + sqrt(5)/2 ) beta but can't. Can someone help me? Thanks
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