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Hi, I am trying to solve a 2nd order ODE with linear symmetries (according to odeadvisor!) subject to two boundary conditions. The ODE itself is not particularly pretty (It can't be solved analytically), and it involves quite a lot of other functions that I have to define before hand - sorry if this looks ugly: N:=2: Xi:=1: mu:=0: m:=4: l:=2: sigma:=1: Tau:=0.7: M:=1/(2*(1-(Eta)^2)): a:=Eta: Eta:=Tau*sqrt(2/3): omega:=0.9*m*Eta: g:=r->sqrt((1-2*M/r^(2*N)+2*M*a^2/r^(2*N+2))^(-1)): h:=r->sqrt(r^2*(1+2*M*a^2/r^(2*N+2))): Omega:=r->2*M*a/(r^(2*N+2)+2*M*a^2): f:=r->r/(g(r)*h(r)):
Download 1826_zernike.doc
View file details Can you help me to create a code that calculate zernike moments, Zpq, with an image of 100x100, p=q=70? The formula is indicate in the file. the objective is to use the symbolic calculus!! The problems are the time and the memory!!! thanks for your help
Maybe somebody here can help me with my problem with Maple 10.06 being extremely slow on a Windows XP MCE machine. I have bought a new Notebook with Core2Duo T7200 processor and 2GB RAM. The first problem I experienced when I installed Maple was that Maple 10.06 did not run at all due to the large physical memory on the system. This was resolved with the help from Maplesoft Support Team. They sent me a new "launch.ini" file which fixed the Maple launch issue. Now the problem I am facing is that Maple is extremely slow. For example if I click on the file menu it takes about 4 seconds before I can view the options. If I want to scroll down to the end of page in a worksheet it takes more than 20 seconds to scroll one page. Scrolling down is extremely slow. If I press “Execute the Entire Worksheet” it takes Maple ages before it finishes executing for example a one page worksheet filled with simple calculations.
can someone please show me how to plot this in maple as a directional field w(t):=(1/17.5)*(2500-exp((-1/200)*t)(2500-17.5*w)); thank you very much
I want to take a 2 x 2 matrix and use it to determine the unstable and stable manifolds of a point in a torus. I then want to graph the manifolds in a unit square. Does anyone know how I can do this?
Please give a clue... I would have expected that if diff(Fu,v); evaluates to zero (and if all functions involved are nice, say entire), then the following would be equal: int(int(Fu*Fuv,v=0..infinity),u=0..max); int(Fu*int(Fuv,v=0..infinity),u=0..max); But Maple does not agree... Am I missing something?

The following is a sample code that I tried in maple 10 standard.

My problem is that whenever a plot contains a function with negative values, a usual plot displays it as it should, but when i try to display it on a log scale, all i get is an empty plot

sample code:

plot(f(x), x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10, axis = [mode = log]);

this gives out an empty plot, with axis in range of 10^0 to 10^(-6) on both axes - maple seems to ignore the instruction to display negative values.

perhaps it would also be helpful if someone could point out how to turn these values into decimals.
Hi I have the following maple file. Is anyone able to convert the maple code of the calculation of the reflected lines to the simple mathematical steps which are used to calcualte it. The calcualtion of the outgoing ray is from: if (abs(dr) > 0.001) then # if slope = 0 no outgoing ray > m := (dr^2 - 1)/(2 * dr): > ix := (height - y)/m: # > if ix <> tx := -width: > ty := y + m * (tx - x): > elif # Calculation of outgoing ray > ix > width then #
Hi I have a small problem which i hoped you could help me with. On my personal computer i have installed Maple 10, so i could do some schoolwork home. But on the computers at my school we use Maple 8. When i try to open a file made in Maple 10 in Maple 8, i only get weird signs. So I have to copy everything i wrote at home, on to the school computer. Its not the end of the world, but it takes time. Is there any way to fix this? Is Maple 9.5 backward compatabil with Maple 8? Thanks in advance!
Hi there, Its the rookie again. Does anyone know how to apply a function, say tanh to every element of a matrix? I have looked at rtable_scanblock and maps but not too sure? I think I might need to write a procedure but again, I am not too sure. Regards, Steve
hello i am a final year maths student very inexperienced with maple. i am trying to obtain results with maple to show an algorithm in practice. the algorithm is a variation of an SOR algorithm used to solve an optimization problem. i realised that because the next term in the sequence (x^i+1) generated by my algorithm depends upon itself as well as x^i, i would have to try to compute each component of the vector x individually because the first entry in x^i+1 is only dependent on x^i, then the second entry in x^i+1 is dependent on x^i and only the first entry of x^i+1, which should have just been computed, etc.
I got the eigenvalues of the Jacobian matrix of a nonlinear time variant system. One of them is like: 0.5000000000e-2-0.2500000000e-2*y+0.5000000000e-2*x+0.2500000000e-2*sqrt(36.-12.*y-24.*x+y^2-4.*x*y+4.*x^2) Now I'd like to make x and y still vary with time, i.e. 0.5000000000e-2-0.2500000000e-2*y(t)+0.5000000000e-2*x(t)+0.2500000000e-2*sqrt(36.-12.*y-24.*x(t)+y(t)^2-4.*x(t)*y(t)+4.*x(t)^2) x(t) and y(t) bear a relation by differential equations. Any ideas on how I implement this? Thanks a lot!
Hi I have been trying to extract the data from an eigenvectors() command to an Excel file. I have tried some basic writedata() commands but without luck. I´m guessing that the "strange" format of the output from the eigenvectors() command: [eigenvalue1, algebraicmultiplicator, [eigenvector1]], [eigenvalue2, algebraicmultiplicator, [eigenvector2]], and so forth is what is causing the problem. Does anyone know how I can do this?? Would mean alot to me if anyone does since it is eigenvalues and eigenvectors from an 31x31 matrix....ehhm :) Best regards Einar
I wonder if someone could help me with the following situation. I copied the procedure 'differentiate' shown on p62 of the MAPLE10 Aadvanced Programming Manual. When I fed this proc w/ the parameters 2 - x + x^2 + 3*x^9,x as indicated on pg. 63 I did not get the result shown in the book. View 2292_P62 on MapleNet or Download 2292_P62
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