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Dear All, First of all thank alec and Prof Doug. Please refer to post My problem is to solve the following ODE with constrain given by the Eq: > DEq := diff(f(x),x) = c1*sqrt( g(f(x)) - g(f(x=x1)) ); > Eq := ug - f(x=0) = c2*sqrt( g(f(x=0)) - g(f(x=x1)) ); > g(f(x)) := exp(f(x)-xn) +exp(-f(x)) +(1-exp(-xn))*f(x); where ug is the independent variable and others are parameters > c1 :=-257753830.552993398770016153893; > c2 :=1.40376701562707174099362643812; > xn := 35.4196679725860384893589519100; > x0 := 0; > ug := 40; I have tried to followed alec's suggestion but the solution sometime still cannot be obtained. The independent variable ug has to be varied from -50 or less to + 100 or more. The intial guess in solving f0 (f0 := fsolve(g('fx0'(f0))-gfx0(f0),f0=30);) has to be input manually, this is a big drawback.
> Hello all, > How do I export a Maple 3D plot to Povray 3.6 Win ? > I use Maple 8. > Some animations on my site > Answer please to: > Thanks for the help !! > Andre
In the third line of this do loop is the assignment assigning both the null set and the new value of the index into the original null set ? Also does this mean that the final set S contain the original null set with multiple null sets nested in it ? >
What does "Warning, `delta_Ia_con_p` is implicitly declared local to procedure `inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p`" exactly mean?

I get this, when I execute the following procedure:

# art=0 returns RMS current and art=1 returns AVG current
> inductor_current_RMS_AVG_p:=proc(Ue,Ua,Ia,L,T,art)
> delta_Ia_con_p:=(Ue-Ua)/L*Ua/Ue*T;
> inititial_inductor_current_con_p:=Ia-delta_Ia_con_p/2;
> initial_inductor_current_p:=piecewise(Ia<eval(IaLG_boundary_condition), 0, inititial_inductor_current_con_p);
> # initial_inductor_current_input:=initial_inductor_current;
> inductor_current_increase_p:=initial_inductor_current_p+(Ue-Ua)/L*t;
i put system of eqn to dsolve (3) sol := dsolve([sysode, icsode]); and i am getting sol:= is it means that maple can't solve it?
i have a function f(q(t),...)= q(t)*sin(q(t)). i need to do df/dq(t). how? thank's
how do i count the numbers of elements inside of a list like [[x,y,z]]? ie. [[3,2,5],[2,34,6]]. i would want it to return 2.
Why do I get the same output with the two following statements plot3d(0, 0..20, 0..70, color=proc(x,y) 200000*x end proc); plot3d(0, 0..20, 0..70, color=proc(x,y) x end proc); How does the option "color=proc() ..end;" works? How can I choose the colors? (The reason behind my question is that I am trying understand how to plot the Mandelbrot set)
i have a list in the form of [[x,y,z]] where x,y,z are integers, i want to find all the elements of the form [0,y,z]. how do i do that?
This is a screenshot of what I get when I open Maple 10 (copy and paste url) The Maple Calculator also results in the same problem What Java programs are required for Maple 10? I have the Microsoft Virtual Machine installed as well as Microsoft SDK 4.0. I am running XP with SP2. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Why am I getting a false statement as output for this input ? > >
hi i am mechanical eng. student. i am new user of maple and i am useing maple 8. i need to do symbolic diff, diff of theta is theta dot. theta is function of t but i don't know it. i am building a def. eqn. with Lagrange equations. how i do it with maple?
I have a module with an exported procedure defined by define_external, like this:

loadtest := module()
export hb;
option package;
end module:

This works if I put the code above into a .mpl file, and use read to load it. The problem is that I would like to save this module to a maple library:

> libname;
"/home/hans/system/maple", "/usr/local/maple8/lib"
> savelibname:="/home/hans/system/maple/loadtest.lib":
> march('create',savelibname,100);
> savelib('loadtest');
> map( march, [ 'gc', 'reindex', 'pack' ], savelibname ):

When I try to use this newly created library after restarting maple the following happens:

> A:=Matrix([[3,2,1,-2,-1,-4],[1,0,1,0,-1,0]]):
> with(loadtest);
> hb(A);
[3 2 1 -2 -1 -4]
[1 0 1 0 -1 0]

Hi everybody, in Maple 9.5 I need to generate two Vectors of random generated numbers from a normal distribution with a certain correlation. The correlation should be an input factor. Does anyone know how to do that?
Hello everyone, my first post here. I'm studying mechatronic engineering at university so Maple is somewhat of a godsend. I got Maple 9.5 some years ago and it worked perfectly. But sometime last year it started going wrong. Whenever I tried to start standard maple it would give me some cryptic errors and refused to start. I had to resort to using Maple classic worksheet and it works just fine. Try as I might I could not discern the cause of my problems. I tried disabling my firewall and a number of other suggested fixes, none of which helped. Recently I was given Maple 10.0 and I thought installing it might fix my problems. I wasn't so lucky. I get essentially the exact same error when attempting to start Maple 10.0:
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