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I would like to convert this Maple code into Matlab. Matlab() gives me "Warning, the function names {`$`} are not recognized in the target language"


Here is the code:
for d1 from 2 to r-1 do

for l to d1 do Z[d1][l] := combinat:-permute([`$`(0, d1-l), `$`(1, l)]);

K[d1][l] := factorial(d1)/(factorial(l)*factorial(d1-l))

end do

end do; Z[2][1][1][1]; K[2][1] 


Thanks and cheers :)

This guy Giorges is using Python and wget inorder to do parrallel downloading
and he is arguing that it is very fast.


Now my questions become

1) Does there exist a simple way that I can use wget without installing it ?
I dont want to bother users of my Maple application with installing a 3:rd party software.
A simple file in a specific location would be ok though


within the attached document, is the idea that I would like to develop with the optimization package.

What's wrong?
I need to minimize (z-Z) T.E-1. (z-Z).
How can you see in the first Call to LSSolve worked. By introducing objectivejacobian I have problems

Recently, I submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed math journal

a formula for the n-th order implicit derivative given an implicit function G(z,w)=0.

i.e. dz/dw = - Gw/Gz where Gw and Gz are partial derivatives of G with respect to w and z, respectively. Anyway, I proved the general formula for d^n z/ dw^n.   I have since proved the generalization of this to implicit functions of several variables, G(z,w1,w2,...,w(N))=0. A good mathematician...

I had my traditional right-hand-side dock pannel in Maple 14 which
includes Greek, Components etc. Then I selected components
and droped it on the righ-hand side of the screen, which gave me
a dock on the right-hand-side of the screen.

Now the problem is when you want to remove such a right-hand side dock.
The arrows are extremely small which means that it is extremly difficult to
see them yet alone click on them. Most of the time when you have your mouse on them

 If you see my last question "use fsolve or matrix dissection"CCC.mw 

I want to find C, i finally solve it and get My special C

Now , I Want tolve My problem in block mode,

this means that, My matrix elemnts are block matrix, and search for result,


Dear All,


I would like to ask either MAPLE is capable to solve >2 boundaries value problem.

Actually I'm solving a system of ODEs in a membrane divided electrochemical cell, basically a REDOX process.In 1 part I have 2 species reacting and in another part I have 3 species reacting , 2 of the species exist in both part.

At the end I wanted to coupled all the species together.

So basically I have 4 boundaries and I would like to solve it simultaneosly.



My Maple 13 puts small curly brackets to the left side of an expression and this causes several problem for me. What should I change to write good ones? (I mean normal, big brackets, not small brackets to index.) (I use the AltGr+b combination to write a left curly bracket.)


Compare the results of isdifferentiable on 3 piecewise defined expressions f, g, and h.

The first time the order of the asking is f, g, h. The second time (after a restart) the order is h,g,f.

The results are remarkably different! What is going on?

isdifferentiable was first brought to my attention within the last week or so, maybe it is not reliable?

If you remove all the lines with 'assuming' then the inconsistency remains.



I want to solve this Problem


 in symbolic by maple, but i can`t.

is there any symbolic solution by maple or not,

if there is another solution please help me.

I don't quite understand about some parameters of flexible beam. Please introduce  briefly.
1. Truncation order of inertial terms
2. Truncation order of elastic coordinates
3. Number of elastic coordinates

help_for_maple_quest.docplease give a explain how to work for operations.


Does anybody know how to make Maple 14 work with Visual Studio 10.0 Professional (not the express version)?  I can't seem to make this happen.  The problem has to do with the PostLink command.


Hi, again, I am a physist. It is convenient to solve problems in presence of units. I have a equation (1-variable) including a erf function to solve. As I substute all the constants (with units) and then use 'solve'. It returns a warning without any result. I am not really familiar with the numeric package in maple. Could anyone give me some advice? Thank you.

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