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I am trying to maximize a concave function and I have 6 different parameters. I use the maximize command and establish the relevant constraints. The result I obtain is numerical, but I would like to have an analytical solution with one of these parameters being the dependent variable as a function of the others.


Can I use the maximize command or any other command that will give me an analytical solution instead of a numerical one?



Could I please get help with this maple assignment? No idea where to even begin!!


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I use maple sovle an optimality question with hamilton function, but the results are quite different from the given result using matlab. I do not know where I'm wrong ,so can anybody help me ?

Thank you very much!



for what value or interval of p (-infinity < p < infinity) the following is valid


(1+x)^(m+1) > (1+x^m)* 2^m


here x > 1

I have attached a maple document with some questions.  Pleas answer in an attached document since my web browser of some reason cannot read maple-math in the forum.
By the way admin should take a look at the


What is the pattern in the following polynom: (how to generate them) 

1:     12 n^2 + 12 n + 1

2:    300 n^3 + 450 n^2 + 160 n + 5

3:   840 n^4+1680 n^3+1030 n^2+190 n+3

4:  1260 n^5+3150 n^4+2730 n^3+945 n^2+107 n+1

5:  27720 n^6+83160 n^5+93030 n^4+47460 n^3+10689 n^2+819 n+5

1:  6n + 5

2:  150 n^2 + 200 n + 55

3:  420 n^33 + 770 n^2 + 410 n + 57

4:  630 n^4+1470 n^3+1155 n^2+343 n+29

5: 13860 n^5 + 39270 n^4 + 40740 n^3 + 18711 n^2 + 3591 n+205

In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

I would like to declare spin states; spin up (alpha) and spin down (beta)

such that they form an orthogonal basis not necessarily using Dirac Ket notaion.  I am using the Physics package and Linear Algebra

When I try to use the Dirac Ket notation, I have noncommuting issues with the Cartesian basis

Cart := Vector[column](3, [Ket(X), Ket(Y), Ket(Z)]);

Spin := Vector[column](2, [Ket(alpha), Ket(beta)]);

<p>sys := [diff(v(s, n), n)+diff(u(s, n), s)+diff(xi(s, n), s)+A*n*(diff(c(s), s)) = 0, A1*(diff(xi(s, n), n))+diff(v(s, n), s)-c(s)+A2*v(s, n)+A3*c(s) = 0, diff(u(s, n), s)+2*A2*u(s, n) = A2*(xi(s, n)+A*n*c(s))-A1*(diff(xi(s, n), s))-A2*n*c(s)] The dependent variables are v,u and xi and the boundary conditions are: bc := {u(0, n) = 0, v(s, -1) = 0, v(s, 1)} other things: -1<=n<=1. I tried ans := pdsolve(sys, bc, xi(s, n), u(s, n), v(s, n)) i also tried ans := pdsolve(sys, bc) I keep getting error messages about the dependent variables.

According to my experience so far, maple is stupid in image processing.

Frustrated with its functions.

For example, in plotting functions, only bmp, gif, jpeg is supported

while in image package, only jpeg, tif and bmp are supported.

So we take the intersection, only bmp and jpeg files can be used if i want to use plot and image packages at the same time.

If i want to do image processing on the file generated from the plot, like transparency stuff, it is not achievable!

And it totally doesnot support opacity!!


hi all! i am **brand new** with maple 13 as well as trigonometry, which i am using the program for. i have figured out how to plot the unit circle with the command:

>plot( [cos(t), sin(t), t=0..2*Pi] );<

I would like to experiment with the Mastery Dialog option e.g. making a tutorial. Does anyone tried this in practice? And can I download a question bank that uses this option?


kind regards,

Harry Garst


I am uing cmaple.ext to generate batch of images.

However, i found some of the functions are not the same as i execute from the worksheet from standard maple interface.


There are lot of white space around the image...

Is there any way to reduce them?

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