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Hello, Can someone please help me with entering an if statement with the decision: if (x is between A and B) and if (y is less than C) then ... end if end if I am having trouble evaluating an if statement when the argument lies between two constants as well as incorporating an additional logic check. Thanks, Ken
Hello, Can anyone give me the format to input the logic statement AND in an IF THEN statement? I am trying to evaluate an expression of the form: IF 2 <><> 6 THEN z = 10 END IF Thanks, Ken
Can anyone give me some guidance on how to approach a singular integral similar to this: f:=Int((y^2-1)^(1/2)/y/(1-1.5*y^2+(y^2-1)^(1/2)*(3*y^2-1)^(1/2))*(1-1.5*y^2)*(.1e-5-(.1066590211e-4*y+.1e-2*(y^2-1)^(1/2))^2),y = 1 .. 1.4037); It arises from a solution of the Wave equation from an impact to the elastic half-space. I am working through a paper by G. Eason (J. Inst. Maths Applics)from 1966 where integrals of this type are evaluated numerically, but the details are left out. Thanks, Ken kagd@lehigh.edu
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