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Use DrawSubgroupLattice for G:=Symm(4) then


Drawing this Series there are red marked 30,29,21,1.

But why not 8 or 9 or 10 which are between 21 and 1?

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Kurt Ewald



in Kurzweil und Stellmacher "Theorie der endlichen Gruppen" page 97, Exercice 3 I have read

Is G nilpotent then G is cyclic.

I have found that if G is nilpotent it must not be cyclic.

Can anybody tell me whether I am right or not?


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Kurt Ewald


how can I  construct a Permutationgroup with given GroupOrder and Degree.

for instance: GroupOrder 12 and Degree 5, I found by accident


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Kurt Ewald

what conditions are necessary that a group G has stabilisers?

How can I get the Automorphism Group of a group G as a Permutationgroup?


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Kurt Ewald

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