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Hi everyone,

One minor question:

what would be the code to extract data in the form of 2-d points from the output of dsolve/numeric... output=Array/array?

say, I have 6-d ODE system and I wnat to extract data in the form of 2-d arrays of number s and then approximate this with some polynomials via Curve Fitting package.

For this I need the data to be represented as -dim matrices  for every variable.

Thanks for any help.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a function of dsolve/numeric solution which would not include procedures for defining the value of it.

First, I need to extract solution as a 2-d array, which will contain all evaluated points of solution.

Next, I want to define a function from this set of points (like interpolation).

Say, I have an array or list of numbers (2-d points).

Now comes the main question: is there a way to interpolate some...


Basically I know that.

I just hoped there is some walkaround this problem.

It seems now there is not.

The problem I am trying to solve is how I can construct an iterative procedure where function is computed from numerical solution of the ODE system (done) and then this very function is used to recalculate the solution of this ODE system.

This is my attempt to impement some sort of  gradient projection method to the optimal...


However, this does not work.

My problem is not to plot U as a function of time, but somehow convert the function.

I mean, in Your solution U is defined through X(t) and thus Maple is evaluating the solution for DE every time the U is called.

However I would like to have U as function of t without precense of X(t). Since X(t) is a known procedure, there might be the way to explicitly define U as a function of t only, after the evlauation of procedure X(t).

Dear all,
Some time ago I asked a question on maple primes concerning handling the numeric solutions of dsolve procedure.

They sent me to the discussion on option remember and indeed this helped a lot.
However there is another issue.

The method I am trying to implement requires iterative calls to dsolve/numeric with one of the functions defined from the previous...

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