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  Dear all, I am using fsolve to solve a complex equation. When I solve it, I get the following error:

Error number of equations, 1, does not match number of variables, 2.

But the variables are just one (named u1) I think it is a problem with assume but I am getting cracy to understand the problem.You can find in attachment the short maple file. I try to solve equation e4 for variable u1.



Hi to everybody. I have to create a fortran output a lot of time for different polinomials.and CodeGeneration gives me an error. i give you a simple example to understand my problem:





 basex := Vector(np):

 for i from 1 to np do

    basex[i] := unapply(x^(i-1)-1,x);



Hi to everybody. Im trying to use "solve" to find the coefficient that solve a set of equations(a set of polynomials).

> restart;
> with(linalg):
> with(codegen):
> M:=3;
> np:=(M+1)*(M+2)/2;  

Hi to everybody, I'm computing these polinomials:

 pol:=(-1)^n/(2^n*n!)*(1 - x)^(-a) * (1 + x)^(-b) *diff((1 - x)^(a+n)* (1 + x)^(b+n),x$n);
 theta1(2) := Lx(2,0,0);


How can i expand the summation? i would like to have something like that:


I'm working with a PDE system, I want to bring it from the conservative(or divergent) to not-conservative form. So I have to do some derivatives. I'm working in vectorial form.

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