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Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have a supscript+superscript layout on the left hand side of the equation in 1D math?

When I try to use (A)[b]^(c) from the layout palette it does not allow me to use it in 1D Math, and when using it in any of the math types (1D and both of the 2D options) it is not accepted on the left hand side of the equation.

I am writing a project where we use transformation matrices, and I seem to be unable to define them as they are supposed to be. I am left with T__40 when I want to write (T)[4)^(0).

Help would be very much appreciated.

Given that I use Maple as a student I've had to update to the newest version to keep using Maple.

However I find I have a lot of problems with the new version.


Normally when I write an assignement or work on the given problems I use worksheet mode because it is the best mode to spot any mistakes, and I've grown accostumed to it.


My problem however is when I have to use text.


Normally I've hit CTRL+T to get Maple to recognize that I write text, whereupon I write the given assignment, and press CTRL+J for when I want to go on and write some math. However we do have a little issue about the symbols.


Since I am an engineering student we use a lot of greek letters, and in this case I bring up sigma. In the "old" Maple I pressed F5 to get into math, write the symbol I wanted, pressed F5 again to get back to text and keep writing. In Maple 2016 however I do the same and then at the end of the text paragraph maple spits out lines of blue text with all of the "math" that I have written.

So my question is thus: Can I stop Maple from giving me the blue text, or perhaps is there another way to type symbols without having to go into math?

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