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Honestly it seems much more complicated than it has to be.

@rlopez using lprint gives me A*[b*pochhammer(1-c, c)] however using it returns an error as usual.

A*[b*pochhammer(1-c, c)]:=<<1,2,3,4>>
Error, invalid left hand side of assignment

And I have made sure that I copyed it from a 2D mode, and that I inserted it as a text document.


Using your method has allowed me to write it as a I wanted. The first one is problematic in that you have to use assign rather than := (:= does not write what is wanted, but just subsup(T, 0, 4):= x).

The second one isn't working when I want to call it. I suppose this is because it uses ' on the left hand side.

In the end I will just write in my assigntment that I use T__40 instead. I had hoped that maple had a hidden way to do this, but that's unfortunately not true.


Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately while I am able to convert (A)[b]^(c) into the correct typeset by right clicking and converting to 2D math it does not seem that atomic variable is useable as a name. In 1D math t returns "Error, invalid left hand side of assignment", and in 2D math it returns "Error, illegal use of an object as a name".



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