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Hello dear friends

I have a difficult issue about the new maple 17, since I installed the new update i can't use my shortcut to Evalulate and Display Inline. Before i could use the Cmd + alt + =  or Cmd + = 

Now it just zooming in about 10% zoom size when i type this. I use this command alot, i hope you guys can help me with this.

I don't use worksheet, it's just maple math-mode 2d and I use macbook pro 10.6

Hello my brothers and sisters..


Well, i have to say im really lost .. i have tried a lot but cant figure this out.. i cant open my math task and it only says "there was problems during the loading process" please help me guys i need this i have spent hours on this. and by the way its maple 15 on a mac.. thank you guys..

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