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Thanks. I will check this package out.  My computation involves obtaining field equations for scalar f(R,R_abR^ab) theory for FLRW cosmology. If i can add various tensor expressions within physics package - it will suffice. 



Thanks for reply.

So now i explain some things. C's and A are constants of integration. Tau0 is t0 and is constant parameter/symbol, q and omega are parameters/constants Functions f1 and f2 are functions only of Tau.

In  equations cited by me, in my post,  there's typo - omega and omega_m are the same thing ( reviewers should notice this? I'm no judge).

So, above solutions don't solve ODE system but should be correct ones (as article states). It's interesting - maybe there's typo in equations from article (i had to rederive them by myself  - if they are correct and solutions are wrong, things will be interesting)

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