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@tomleslie Thank you so much. 

@Bagh Ali Pr variable values is 0.773.

@tomleslie Please for accurate result following graph and table which are my problem output.

@tomleslie Thank you so much for you cooperation. Given below is method working procedure. 

The system of coupled nonlinear Eqs. (8)–(12) is solved numerically by using an efficient numerical technique Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg  method. In my problem Shooting technique is used to convert the boundary value problem (8)–(12) to aninitial valueproblem. η max is chosen in  such a way that the
solution converges for all involved parameters.A fifth decimal place accuracy is restricted  for convergence. For the solution purpose, built-in routine of MAPLE is employed.This command automatically converts the system of nonlinear equations in  to a set of
in itial value problems by employing the shooting technique and then solves there sulting system by using Runge-Kutta-
Fehlberg method.

@waseem  I did nt find any code related to this problem. Please help me if You can solve it on Maple. Thanks 

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