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Thanks a lot for your help.

The solution of TomLesLie is perfect for me since i can use notepad++ which i find not too complex.

The read function works well.

However, the maplemint function have not worked. I receive a message that i can apply maplemint only on a procedure. I interested about your feedback on this point.

Thanks a lot Joel for your feedback.

The issue is that i don't think that a .mla file can be created in there are still some errors in the code. 

And it can be a bit long to create each time a .mla file for each test i want to pursue on a procedure

I have just tested. Using Notepad++ can be good because it is a text editor which is not so difficult compared to Emacs for example.

However, i didn't manage to expand/ collapse blocks.

Would you have an idea to create block (for example corresponding to the procedures) and the possibility to collapse or expand them?

Thank you for you help.

I have modified the parentheses and changed it for brackets.

However, 2 inequalities still are difficult to solve.

Do you have ideas so as to solve them ?

Thanks a lot for your help

@one man 

yes and no. Your feedback is interesting. But, my question was : where can I find journal paper or other good documents which present with more details the Draghilev method  ? The idea is to see when this method can be applied and secondly, if it is possible to apply, what is the main steps (theorical fondations) to apply to conduct this method ?

@one man 

Can you give some references about the theory associated to the Draghilev method ?

Thank you in advance


Great, thank you.
In fact, I did a stupid mistake, i put vector with a minuscule as convert( ,vector)

@Axel Vogt 

Thank you but i have already done this way. 

"Currently, the process that i conduct is the following : in a worksheet, I import some data (the kinematic inputs) from Excel. Next, I conduct my calculations in Maple and finally I export the result inside Excel (the kinematic outputs)."

Now, i would like to create a independent module that I can use for my kinematic calculations.

Do you have ideas so as to make a independent module (that we can test on the example attached in the question) ?

makeproc could be a idea to transform a computational sequence into a procedure or module.

A path forward will be the use of the codegen package and namely the function makeproc.

ie : codegen[makeproc]

I have tried this but i didn't manage to use it.

I look forward to listening to your tips.

@Axel Vogt 


I'm going to try to be clearer.

1) About the context :

First, it may be possible to do it in VBA. However, as i conduct many symbolic transformations, i prefer using Maple. Just to clarify again the context, the aim of the module is to calculate the inverse kinematic of a mechanism. From geometric paramaters and kinematic inputs, i calculate kinematic outputs. Currently, the process that i conduct is the followin : in a worksheet, I import some data (the kinematic inputs) from Excel. Next, I conduct my calculations in Maple and finally I export the result inside Excel (the kinematic outputs). It works fine but it is not very convenient that my calculation are not made in a kind of “real time”. Moreover, Sometime I didn’t remember on which Excel sheet I have sent my results. Consequently, I think that a solution which will be more convenient for me is to use the Excel communication. It would permit to directly analyze a result in Excel when I change some input data.

2) About the portability:

You are completely right. The portability will be limited since the user of my excel sheet should have Maple so as to use it. In my lab, we are several to use Maple and thus it will be OK. May be, another step will be to transform this module into a dll. But, let's start step by step.

3) Come back to my need :

Do you have some ideas so that I could create a package module embedding the kinematic outputs ("so to be independent, relatively portable (Maple is needed)") ?

The objective is to be able to use it directly in Excel with the Excel adding. Moreover, i would like not to make big modifications in my currently worksheet. I mean that it would be create to let the line by line code at the beginning so to be able to conduct some tests. Namely, I would like to keep the calculations of the outputs before the module. 

I hope that i clarify my need.


@John Fredsted 

Thank you. Indeed, now it works.

In fact, I noticed that, in my code where I want to try this template, f1 and f2 are variables.

Can you give me your feedback on this other way where f1 and f2 are not procedures but variables. For you, what is the best way to program it ? with f1, f2 variables or procedures ?

Here the variante:

Thank you for your help

@Carl Love 

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm not very used of Records, that's why i have tried first the john's proposal. But, I will try next.

@John Fredsted 

@Carl Love  

Thanks a lot for your help.

For the moment, I have tried the john's method.

Here my attempt. But, it doesn't work. Can you have a look at my test ?

I attach here my code :

Thanks a lot for your help


I'm still interested by this question.

However, for the moment, I have progressed a bit on the subject. I discover the Excel add-in which can be very useful for me to use a maple function inside an excel sheet.

The only drawback on this method is that you can not share your excel sheet to a person which didn't have Maple.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Thanks a lot Joe for this very helpful package ! It is easy to get used to it than the text editor dedicated to programming

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