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As part of the class I am teaching in biofluid mechanics, the students are learning about the Buckingham Pi theory for finding dimensionless groups (pi-groups).  The process involves the dimensions of parameters in terms of their basic units of measure: mass, M, length, L, and time, T.  Fore example, fluid density is M/L3 .  A typical step is to represent a product of parameters in terms of these measures raised to exponents.  Here is an example


where the exponents a,b,c are to be determined. What command(s) will massage this form to look like

Ma+b  L2c-3b-a T-a  ?


I am teaching a course in biofluid mechanics and am looking to help the students get more use out of Maple. Often it is advantageous to scale a differential equation (and initial conditions) using dimensionless variables to reduce the number of free parameters in a problem. For example, the simple linear oscillator differential equation:

Eq(1)         m*d2x(t)/dt2 + k*x(t)=0

where k and m are parameters.  If we define a dimensionless time, s=t/T, and a dimensionless position, X=x/L, where T and L are constants, , Eq(1) becomes

Eq(2)         (mL/T2 ) *d2X(s)/ds2 +  kL*X(s)=0

Then choosing T=sqrt(m/k) we arrive at

Eq(3)         d2X(s)/ds2 +  X(s)=0

which has no parameters.  Can this sequence be done in Maple for a differential equation...i.e. change of variables?


I am writing a textbook in biomedical engineering and using Maple 14 for generating figures.  In many of the graphs, my axis labels have subscripts or superscripts.  For example in a 2D plot statement I type   labels=[x,f[0](x)] which gives a subscript 0.   However, both x and f0(x) appear in italics.  How can I have them appear as normal...i.e. without italics? The labelfont command does not seem to have an instruction to remove the italics.  Can you assist me?

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