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@vv Awesome, thanks!!

@Kitonum Thank you so much!!

I suppose I can treat the initial conditions first as t-dependent equations...perform the transformation using dchange on them...get them into dimensionless form by defining dimensionless parameter... and then use their final version for ics statements in the transformed variables?

This is very helpful...can I have a follow up question? The goal this week is for the students to manipulate the form of the governing equations and initial conditions.  Solving comes next week. :-)  Using dchange I can manipulate the ode into dimensionless form, eventually my EQ3, that the students can see.  How would I proceed to do the same for the initial conditions...for them to see the transformed results.  Let's say those conditions are an initial position, x(t0)=L (where L is my x-scale) , and an initial velocity D(x)(t0)=v0.  I am aiming for the appearance X(S0)=1 and  D(X)(S0)=v0*T/L .  Then  let v0=V*L/T and V is a dimensionless group. Can Maple show that?

Happy New Year!!



Thank you for your valuable advice!!

@acer These suggestions work well and I appreciate your prompt and helpful reply. My forehead contusion from banging against the wall these last few days is feeling so much better!! :-)



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