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These are replies submitted by Boby Alsholm ok if I take system of of pdes thn what is error in boundry conditions?

@vv  dear I know that D stand for derivative, my question is''what procedure I have to adopt to find out DF?I can't understand what you want  to tell in F:=x->x^10 Love  hi, actually I just want to calculate polynomials one by one like A0,A1,...An, Here A is in the form of list and I dont know how to convert this list into one by one value
and in last loop for m fromo to n I want to substitute these values of A
plz help actually these calculation does'nt match with exact solution and plz look at v which is in series form I have mention in attachment


vimmm_(exp1).mw@Carl Love 
In this problem iterations does'nt match with origional solution, can I use Taylor series for non linear part? If I can, then how? Hirnyk , why it does no the values of A0, A1,.. in 2nd loop but show A as it is, where must be u1=A0

@Axel Vogt  I just want to calculate integral untill D^n+1  reduce to D^0 not for one step,hope you'll understand my problem.
@Axel Vogt  if its order is higher than what to do?

@tomleslie actually I want to plot a graph for exact and approximate sol. for the method i.e VIM but Icould'nt plot the graph yet,
I have use
p1:=plot(e^x^3, x=-5..5,style=point,color=red):

but it shows error.
plz correct me if I'M wrong
@tomleslie actually I want to calculate langrage multiplier(lambda), now I have make some changes plz help,I am new and using maple for last fifteen days or tell me alternative way to calculate lambda?

@Preben Alsholm  dear there is arising a problem in programming, whenever I replace g(y) with any other term like g(y)=18ay+4ylny it does'nt show the solution as it must be,plz help me?

what to if g(y) is non linear term?

@Preben Alsholm thanks ,you always help me

can I adopt same procedure for lane Emden type equations?

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