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These are questions asked by Boby

HI, I am trying to solve two PDEs but in boundry conditions there is arising an error plz help.

EF.3.mwHi, I want to ask that how to find the exact solution of equation without applying any technique

Hi, I am trying to find adomian's polynomial of exp(y), but after execution it shows DF(e^y), D^2F(e^y) as it is. why it does'nt show its derivative?plz help

HPM_4.mwhi, I am using homotopy perturbation technique but there is arising an error in comaring coeffecient of p^0, p^1,.... plz help me


LE.2a.E.LGM.mwHi, my this programme is executing for linear part but does'nt show the proper results for non linear,plz tell me appropriate code

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