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I am looking for an output without denominator. I.e.:  2^(-1/3) instead of 2^(2/3)/2

Thank you



Maple 2021.1 screen shot: property box too small to select properties

how it should look like

How do I get it back to normal?

Thank you

Rootfinding,Isolate seems to work on more that univariate expressions.

See https://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/215233-Another-Example-Of-A-Real-Manipulator-Model for example with a list of multivariate expressions.

Is there documentation/examples on that?

Thank you!

The 3-D Workspace of the stuart platfrom example


displays as follows. Clicking on the central object I get

Q1: What does "Unlayed out view mean"?

Q2: What is actually displayed in the center?

Q3: Why is only one leg shown in instead of 6?

I would really appreciate more insight into the 3-D Workspace. I use it to inspect structural integrity of models and assembly errors, but I am often lost by its behavior.

Thank you!

(I have tried to work it out myself with online resources, Maples help system and MapleSim user guide.)


Occasionally commands in the form of (exprseq1)(exprseq1) are proposed.

(as the solution in https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/232263-Subscripts-In-Maple)


  • Is this syntax and its use documented somewhere?
  • Can the first parenthesis (exprseq1) be considered as an operator?
  • In which situations such commands are preferable?

I had look at Maples help system but could not find any further explanations. What I found so far:
syntax talks about parenthesized expression and refers to
operators,precedence which does not define the precedence of parenthesis
examples,functional two examples show the use of functional operators within rounded brackets
help("Definition,bracket") explains the different types of brackets [moderator note: in common mathematical parlance, not in the technical sense in Maple].

ProgrammingGuide,Chapter02 only refers to a pair of rounded brackets but not 2 pairs
The left and right parentheses group terms in an expression, arguments in a function call, and parameters in a procedure definition.


The left and right parentheses are also used to select components from certain data structures (programmer indexing).

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