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@Thomas Richard 

Same for me with Maple default settings (fresh installation, no special settings)


It takes time to catch-up with your replies because they require close studying and lead to more questions.

If you do not mind, one of them would be: Are indexed procedures stored in tabels? Or: is this a special type of data structure?

Thank you for your time!


Simplify[sqrt] is listened under “See also” on the simplify help page. On the other hand, simplify,details lists this option under “See also” as simplify/sqrt. This suggested equivalence to me. If additionally, equivalence is assumed between library calls and extensions, improper use of command options is almost unavoidable.

I now understand why my command option trials gave such an inconsistent outcome.

I am attracted by indexed procedures/commands because this seems to be the only way in function composition to pass arguments. Now I learn that not all options can be used as an index. Is there a way to check what index (if any) is implemented?

Your explanations are more than valuable. In this case I feel that part of it should be documented because even after careful studying the documentation, at the best, it (the explanations) could be guessed. Not my prefered way to work with a language.

@Preben Alsholm 

I have taken the first examples from ?simplify,sqrt and ?combine. I did not expect that they work without options. Probably some recent enhancements that did not propagete to the examples.

I modified the examples in the hope to get a better understanding. This explains part of the confusion.

The indexed procedure example is good. I have not seen it this way in the documentation. The closest I found were  "Objects in Indexed Function Calls" in the programming guide but this is more about object oriented programming I guess.

Thank you


Thank you for the explanation. I was mislead by the scale, which gave me the impression as if a function call took place.